Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal/Panel Data Structures Arising from Complex Interdisciplinary questions

Date: April 14 - 17, 2010

Organizers: Göran Kauermann (Bielefeld), Harry Haupt (Bielefeld), Jost Reinecke (Bielefeld), Mark Stemmler (Bielefeld)

In many fields of empirical research where statistical methods are applied to model individual behaviour, there exists the problem of unobserved and/or unobservable individual heterogeneity, leading to biased results and hence unreliable inferences and subject matter conclusions drawn from the data. A solution to this problem is the availability of multiple observations on each individual by using longitudinal, or panel data, as they are characterized by a number of remarkable advantages which make them superior to research relying solely on cross-sectional data: they

The past methodological developments in the field of panel data analysis gave rise to a plethora of different concepts and definitions, sometimes parallel, in different disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and so on. The aim of the workshop thus was to bring together specialists from those various fields of panel data research in order to In summary, after ten impressive one-hour presentations followed by intensive discussions as well as intensive round-table discussions (Topic: “Spatial and peer group association and modelling of inter-individual in panel data”) and the overwhelming feedback of the participants it can be concluded that the workshop was successful in Finally, organizers and participants agreed to continue the discussion about different strategies on panel data analysis in future workshops. One of the future goals will be the integration of different traditions in econometric, psychometric and sociometric analyses.


Badi H. Baltagi (Syracuse, NY), Ursula Berger (Bielefeld), Eldad Davidov (Zürich), Christian Heinze (Bielefeld), Cheng Hsiao (Los Angeles, CA), Volker Lang (Tübingen), Herbert Matschinger (Leipzig), John J. McArdle (Los Angeles, CA), Joachim Möller (Nürnberg), Johan H. L. Oud (Nimwegen), Peter Schmidt (Gießen), Daniel Seddig (Bielefeld), Hermann Singer (Hagen), Martin Spieß (Hamburg), Peter Valet (Leonberg), Sven Voigtländer (Bielefeld), Gert G. Wagner (Berlin)

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