Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Duel From the Middle Ages to the Modern Age / Era

Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives

Date: May 31 - June 2, 2010

Organizers: Barbara Krug-Richter (Münster), Ulrike Ludwig (Dresden), Gerd Schwerhoff (Dresden)

The aim and purpose of the workshop was to mark the duel as a specific male type of affair of honour beside other forms of dealing with conflicts in that time. Especially the characteristics of this ritual as a unique cultural practice within the context of changing value systems have been discussed. Moreover, the workshop provided for the first time a platform to discuss in a comparative perspective the results from different disciplines, epochs and countries. In that way it could be talked about transfer processes as well as the importance of different elite cultures for the development of practices of dueling. As a result it could be said, that the duel is an inconsistent and a heterogeneous phenomenon. Generally we discussed two methodical approaches: On the one hand the duel could be understood as a general type of conflict with a legal and popular figuration. The basis of the popular forms of duel could be described as an archaic type of male, ritual violence. One the other hand the duel could be understood as a product of different ascriptions. From this point of view the duel isn’t an archaic type of violence but rather a collective imagination, a new type of ritualized conflict or conflict solving in Europe in the period between the 15th and 20th century.


Franz-Josef Arlinghaus (Bielefeld), Ronald G. Asch (Freiburg i.Br.), Matthias J. Bauer (Chemnitz), Kirsten Bernhardt (Münster), Marc Bors (Fribourg), Richard Cronin (Glasgow), Dagmar Ellerbrock (Bielefeld), Birgit Emich (Erlangen), Marian Füssel (Göttingen), Gundula Gahlen (Potsdam), Stephan Geifes (Paris), Karl Härter (Frankfurt am Main), Uwe Israel (Venedig), Alexander Kästner (Dresden), Sylvia Kesper-Biermann (Paderborn), Maren Lorenz (Hamburg), Silke Marburg (Dresden), Josef Matzerath (Dresden), Andreas Meier (Dresden), Michael Meuser (Dortmund), Monika Mommertz (Freiburg i.Br.), Jens-Peter Müller (Bonn), Jürgen Müller (Dresden), Sarah Neumann (Oldenburg), Jutta Nowosadtko (Hamburg), Markku Peltonen (Helsinki), Karl Roth (Hamburg), Pieter Spierenburg (Rotterdam), Ahmet Toprak (Dortmund), Peter Wettmann-Jungblut (Saarbrücken), Sixt Wetzler (Tübingen), Reinhard Zöllner (Bonn)

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