Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Desperately Seeking the Audience

Geschichte und Soziologie des unbekannten Publikums

Date: April 7 - 9, 2011

Convenors: Klaus Nathaus (Bielefeld), Tobias Werron (Bielefeld)

Producers of consumer goods, priests, artists, journalists, scientists and other ‘suppliers’ in the widest sense have to deal with largely ‘unknown audiences’ on a daily basis. In this workshop, sociologists and historians discussed the historical conditions and social effects of this phenomenon. The main result was that the unknown audience is not just a problem that needs to be solved but that it is also a highly productive factor. It constantly stimulates communication, categorization, data accumulation, evaluation, contestation and other activities which in turn can generate, influence and transform social structures.


Volker Barth (Köln), Silke Fürst (Münster), Bernhard Fulda (Cambridge UK), Anja Kruke (Bonn), Isabel Kusche (Osnabrück), Patrick Merzinger (Berlin), Jan-Hendrik Passoth (Bielefeld), Ralf Rapior (Bielefeld), Jörg Requate (Bielefeld), Dominik Schrage (Lüneburg), Daniel Siemens (Bielefeld), Tilmann Sutter (Bielefeld), Joris van Eijnatten (Utrecht), Hendrik Vollmer (Bielefeld), Malte Zierenberg (Berlin)

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