Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Dynamics of Multi-Ethnic Britain

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Date: July 7 - 9 2011

Convenors: Ralf Schneider (Bielefeld), Sebastian Berg (Bochum)

The workshop ‘The Dynamics of Multi-Ethnic Britain: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’, held at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, investigated the dynamics of social and cultural change in Britain in the context of diverse immigrations movements. The conference brought together scholars from history, sociology, political sciences, linguistics and literary and cultural studies to discuss theories and methods as well as results of the different ways in which these changes can be approached and interpreted. Among the results was the acknowledgment that this workshop served as an initiative for more long-term and broader interdisciplinary investigations of multi-ethnic Britain.


Muntasir Al-Hamad (Manchester), Elizabeth Buettner (York), Georgia Christinidis (Berlin), Alex Clarkson (London), Jana Gohrisch (Hannover), Barbara Laubenthal (Konstanz), Gabriele Linke (Rostock), Panikos Panayi (Leicester), Holger Rossow (Rostock), Anne Schröder (Bielefeld), Kalbir Shukra (London), Eivind N. Torgersen (Trondheim)

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