Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Schulbücher und Lektüren in der Unterrichtspraxis

Date: November 9 - 11, 2011

Convenors: Anne Conrad (Saarbrücken), Stephanie Hellekamps (Münster), Jean-Luc Le Cam (Brest)

In this conference researchers of the sciences of history and education, theology and literature from France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Germany examined which texts were really read in pre-modern lessons at school, in private contexts or at the French court. It was shown by which methods teachers supported and encouraged these readings. The amount of oral learning and learning in writing was determined and the part of local printing-offices in producing and distributing school-books was focused. Most papers dealt with the problem of how historical research can cope with the difference between norm (statutes, rules etc. concerning schooling) and social reality. Different approaches and different sources were used to bridge the gap and to get more knowledge about early modern practices of teaching and reading. Catalogues of school-libraries, quantities of editions and scrutinies of books passed on to the posterity allowed of a deeper insight into practices of education and teaching from the late Middle Ages until the midst of the 18th century.


Matthias Asche (Tübingen), Michael Baldzuhn (Hamburg), Annie Bruter (Lyon), Peter O. Büttner (Zürich), Emmanuel Chapron (Aix-en-Provence), Sylvène Edouard (Lyon), Stefan Ehrenpreis (München), John Exalto (Amsterdam), Roland Götz (Welver), Alwin Hanschmidt (Vechta), Kristina Hartfield (Düsseldorf), Nelly Heer (Genf), Jürgen Helmchen (Münster), Andrea Hofmeister (Göttingen), Martin Holý (Prag), Juliane Jacobi (Potsdam), Wolfgang Jacobmeyer (Münster), Walter Kuhfuß (Trier), Pascale Mormiche (Etiolles), Hans-Ulrich Musolff (Münster), Dominique Picco (Pessac), Nadine Pietzko (Koblenz), Andreas Rutz (Bonn), Dirk Sadowski (Braunschweig), Serge Tomamichel (Lyon), Hans Rudolf Velten (Berlin), Kurt Wesoly (Bonn)

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