Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Random Matrix Theory and Applications in Theoretical Sciences

Date: December 15 - 17, 2011

Convenors: Gernot Akemann (Bielefeld), Igor Krasovsky (London), Dmitry Savin (Brunel), Igor Smolyarenko (Brunel)

From December 15 to 17 the seventh international Brunel-Bielefeld workshop on Random Matrix Theory took place at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF).

This workshop takes place annually since 2005 and brings together physicists and mathematicians working on a broad area of topics. The word random matrix theory in the title serves as a short catchword for common interests and techniques in the different communities. In describes a genuinely statistical approach which enjoys many applications in mathematics, physics and other disciplines. The topics covered with excellent presentations on this year's workshop included number theory, probability theory, combinatorics, partial differential equations and orthogonal polynomials on the mathematics side. On the physics and applications side some exciting new topics mixed with established themes, ranging from social networks, credit risk and random energy landscapes to quantum transport in mesoscopic systems, quantum chaos and elementary particle physics.

It was the first time that the event took place in Bielefeld, previous meetings all had been organised at the London based Brunel University in the UK. The change of location was very well received by the community, with over 50 registered international participants, mostly from European countries. The invited speakers and poster presenters came from the UK, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Italy, France, USA, Brasil and Germany (the electronically available talks can be found on the physics faculty web site:

The workshop started with a poster session and reception on Thursday afternoon, which was well appreciated by the participants. Friday and Saturday were reserved for talks, as well as discussions in the long breaks. A joint visit to the Christmas market in the old town centre on Saturday evening rounded off a very successful event at ZiF. Many participants explicitly expressed their great satisfaction about the workshop. While this year's event will again take place at Brunel University London (December 14 – 15, 2012) we hope to welcome our guests again here at ZiF in 2013.


Max Atkin (Bielefeld), Anne Boutet de Monvel (Paris), Lorna J. Brightmore (Bristol), Gennadiy Chistyakov (Bielefeld), Milan Cikovic (Bielefeld), Tom Claeys (Louvain-La-Neuve), Steven Delvaux (Leuven), Jonit Fischmann (London), René Frings (Bonn), Yan Fyodorov (Nottingham), Friedrich Götze (Bielefeld), Tamary Grava (Triest), Felix Grimme (Bayreuth), Thomas Guhr (Duisburg), Jesper R. Ipsen (Kopenhagen), Jon B. Keating (Bristol), Mario Kieburg (Stony Brook, NY), Holger Kösters (Bielefeld), Boris Konopelchenko (Lecce), Reimer Kühn (London), Arno Kuijlaars (Leuven), Giacomo Livan (Triest), Thomas Löbbe (Bielefeld), Abey López García (Leuven), Fernando Lucas Metz (Rom), Francesco Mezzardi (Bristol), Sebastian Müller (Bristol), Alexey Naumov (Bielefeld), Marcel Novaes (Sao Callos), Alexander Ossipov (Nottingham), Maximilian Schäfer (Köln), Sebastian Schierenberg (Regensburg), Benjamin Schlein (Bonn), Kristina Schubert (Bayreuth), Michael Searle (Bristol), Dima Shepelyansky (Toulouse), Nicholas Simm (Bristol), Hans-Jürgen Sommers (Duisburg), Alexander Soshnikov (Davis, CA), Kim Splittorff (Kopenhagen), Alexander Tikhomirov (Bielefeld), Martin Venker (Bielefeld), Pierpaolo (Vivo (Orsay), Lu Wie (Aalto), Oleg Yevtushenko (München), Dmitry Zapovozhets (Bielefeld), Dirk Zeindler (Bielefeld), Lun Zhang (Leuven), Karol Zyczkowski (Krakau)

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