ZiF Winter School

Investigating Solid-Liquid Interfaces:
The Calcite-Water Interface at the Molecular Level

2 - 6 March 2020
Convenors: Angelika Kühnle (Bielefeld, GER), Adam Foster (Helsinki, FIN)

Solid-liquid interfaces are omnipresent both in nature and technology. Among solid-liquid interfaces, the calcite-water interface plays an outstanding role. This is because calcite – the thermodynamically most stable modification of calcium carbonate – is highly abundant in the Earth's crust. It is of utmost relevance for the milieu of aqueous systems, especially oceans. It is pivotal to the carbonate cycle, which has a decisive role in storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide. As a major rock-forming mineral, calcite also affects many technical areas, including, e.g., seawater desalination, as well as construction and oil industry. In all these fields, fundamental processes take place at the calcite-water interface. During this winter school, highly renowned scientists from various disciplines will introduce state-of-the-art concepts and methods to elucidate the atomic structure and fundamental processes at the calcite-water interface. A strong focus will be on classes about complementary approaches from experiment and theory. To foster a stimulating atmosphere and open discussions, the programme will include informal sessions to raise disturbing questions and identify hot topics.

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