Spokesmen of the Young ZiF

Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild
University of Lucerne, Seminar für Kulturwissenschaften und Wissenschaftsforschung
Areas of Research: Musicology and the History of Science and Knowledge; Music and Emotions in History; History of Music Theory and Music Aesthetics (Greek Antiquity, 18th-21th century); Musical Avant-Aarde after 1945; Music and the History of Law.
Simone M. Müller
LMU Munich, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
Areas of Research: Global History; Environmental History; Analysis of Global Processes in Historical Perspective; Economic Intellectual History; Media and Communication Studies

Current Fellows of the Young ZiF

Amrei Bahr
HHU Düsseldorf, Department of Philosophy
Areas of Research: Philosophy of Artefacts, Philosophy of Waste Disposal, Ethics of Copying, Aesthetics
Jan Christoph Bublitz
Universität Hamburg, Faculty of Law
Areas of Research: Legal and ethical regulation of the human mind; Bio- and Neuroethics; Philosophy of Law; Human Rights and Criminal Law; Theories of Punishment; Freedom of Will
Konstantin Chatziathanasiou
University of Münster, Institute for International and Comparative Public Law
Areas of Research: Constitutional Law, in part. matters of its design and enforcement; Law and Social Inequality; (Experimental) Law and Economics; Interdisciplinarity in Legal Sciences
TorbjØrn Cunis
University of Stuttgart, Institute for Flight Mechanics and Control
Areas of Research: Automation of Vehicles and Aircraft; Optimization in Control Engineering; Reliability and Convergence of Optimization Algorithms; Analysis of hybrid systems; Mathematical systems theory
Sandra Dinter
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Department of English and American Studies
Areas of Research: British Literature and Culture (19th -21st centuries); Space, Mobility and Gender; Neo-Victorianism; Poststructuralism; Constructions of Childhood
Philipp Erbentraut
Goethe University, Frankfurt a. M., Faculty of Social Sciences
Areas of Research: Democracy and Political Theories (in particular the relationship between the welfare state and punitive state); Political Sociology (especially political parties and parliaments); 19th century Political Thought
Christa Finkenwirth

Areas of Research: Primatology, Evolutionary Psychology, Cooperation and Prosociality, Social Bonding, Socio-endocrinology; Epistemic Functions of Language in Knowledge Production
Thomas Fischer
Lund University, Department of Economics
Areas of Research: Heterogeneous Agent Models; Financial Stability; Income and Wealth Inequality; Credit Rating Agencies; High Frequency Trading
Felix Günther
TU Berlin, Institute of Mathematics
Areas of Research: Differential Geometry; Discrete Differential Geometry; Architectural Geometry; Discrete Complex Analysis; Discrete Integrable Systems; Statistical Physics
Hanjo Hamann
MPI for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn
Areas of Research: Empirical Legal Studies; Legal Lingustics; Behavioral Economics; Contract Law; Corporate Law; Legislative Theory
Matthias Hoesch
University of Münster, Philosophy Department
Areas of Research: Political Philosophy (especially ethics of migration and territorial justice); Kant's practical philosophy; philosophy of history
Shumon Hussain
Aarhus University, Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies
Areas of Research: Human Origins/Palaeolithic Archaeology; Theory and Method of Lithic Analysis; Environmental Humanities; Human-Animal Relations; Epistemology of Archaeology
Saana Jukola
University of Bonn, Institute for Medical Humanities
Areas of Research: Philosophy of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences (in part. issues of evidence-based practice); Social Epistemology; Values in Science
Valérie Kobi
Universität Hamburg, Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar
Areas of Research: 18th-Century French Art and Theory; History of Collections and Museums; Connoisseurship; Objects and Materiality; Relationship between Art and Science
Alexander Koch
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Theoretical Informatics
Areas of Research: Cryptography and IT Security; Cryptography for the Social Good; Cryptography and the AI Control Problem; Cryptography and Philosophy; Philosophy of Effective Altruism
Matthias Leanza
University of Basel, Department of Sociology
Areas of Research: Sociological Theory and History of Ideas of Sociology; Historical Sociology; Biopolitics and Prevention; Imperial and Colonial History
Florian Muhle
Bielefeld University, Faculty of Sociology
Areas of Research: Media Sociology and Sociological Technology Studies with special emphasis on human-machine communication; Social Theory; Qualitative Research Methodologies
Benjamin Paaßen
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Department of Computer Science
Areas of Research: Maschinelles Lernen, insb. distanzbasiertes Lernen und rekursive neuronale Netze; Intelligente Tutoring-Systeme; Stereotypen in der Videospielkultur
Norbert Paulo
University of Salzburg, Department of Social Sciences and Economics
Areas of Research: Empirical Ethics, Philosophical Methodology, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law
Benjamin Schäfer
Queen Mary University of London, School of Mathematical Sciences
Areas of Research: Data science; Stochastic Analysis and Modelling; Statistical Physics; Network Dynamics; Modelling of the Energy System; Sustainability and environmental issues (especially air and water quality)
Julia Schubert
University of Bonn, Department of Science Studies
Areas of Research: The science-politics nexus in world society (scientific expertise and policy-making in historical perspective); climate policy; science studies; political sociology
Alexander Stark
Universität Hamburg, Law Faculty
Areas of Research: Philosophy of Law; theory of norms; rationality of legal actions; normativity of law; theory of interdisciplinarity; public law; environmental law
Jan Wohland
ETH Zürich, Department of Environmental Systems Science
Areas of Research: Renewable Energies & Energy System Transformation; Impacts of climate variability and climate change (esp. the electricity system); Redispatch & Weather; Uncertainties & Contradictions in climatic reanalyses of the 20th century
Joachim Wündisch
HHU Düsseldorf, Institute of Philosophy
Areas of Research: Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Law; Climate Ethics; Responsibility; Territorial Rights; Intergenerational and Global Justice
Stephanie Zehnle
Kiel University, History Department
Areas of Research: African, Global and Colonial History; History of Islam; Environmental History and History of Human-Animal Relations; Global History of Comics
Marietta Zille
Universität zu Lübeck, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Areas of Research: Neuroscience; Stroke; Brain Hemorrhage; Vascular Dementia; Cell Death

Former Fellows of the Young ZiF