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Emotions as Bio-Cultural Processes

Harald Welzer

Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer

Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer, born 1958, is head of the Research Group "Interdisciplinary Memory Research" at the KWI Essen. He teaches social psychology at the universities of Hanover and Witten-Herdecke.

Areas of research and teaching: Memory research, political pschology, methods.

Some publications:
"Das soziale Gedächtnis. Geschichte, Erinnerung, Tradierung." (Hg.). Hamburg: Hamburger Edition;
"'Opa war kein Nazi'. Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust im Familiengedächtnis" (mit S. Moller u. K. Tschuggnall), Frankfurt/M: Fischer 2002;
"Das kommunikative Gedächtnis. Eine Theorie der Erinnerung. München: Beck 2002.

Reserach projects:
Interdisciplinary Memory Reserach (together with Hans J. Markowitsch), sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation
Comparative Research of Tradition-Processes (sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation and the Hamburg Foundation for the Support of Science and Culture)

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