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Olaf Kaltmeier

Department of Iberian and Latin American History of Bielefeld University

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Biographical Note

Olaf Kaltmeier, b. 1970, earned his Ph.D. in sociology at Münster university. He has taught at Bielefeld University, the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar-Quito, and the Universidad Católica de Temuco. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal PERIPHERIE. His recent publications include: Marichiweu - Zehnmal werden wir siegen. Eine Rekonstruktion der aktuellen Mapuche-Bewegung in Chile aus der Dialektik von Herrschaft und Widerstand seit der Conquista (2004), Neoliberalismus - Autonomie - Widerstand (with Jens Kastner and Elisabeth Tuider) (2004), Etnicidad y poder en los países andinos (with Christian Büschges and Guillermo Bustos) (2007), and Jatarishun. Testimonios de la lucha indígena de Saquisilí (2008).

Research Interests

Olaf Kaltmeier's general research interests include:
Ethnicity, social movements, social anthropology, estudios culturales, and processes of transnationalization in Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.
He focuses particularly on:

Contribution to the Research Group

As coordinator of the research group, Kaltmeier will explore contemporary constructions and uses of ethnicity in North, Central, and South America against the background of intensifying transnationalism. He aims to develop a comprehensive model of the field of identity politics that combines Bourdieuan field theory with aspects of performativity, narrativity, and complexity. He focuses especially on the changing horizons of interaction and the relations between space and identiy politics. He also coordinates the working phase on urban studies and ethnicity focusing a.) on the perfomative, discursive, and imaginative construction of the cities as interrelated nodals in a transnational network of flows, and b.) On the utilization of ethnicity by city planning and marketing in the context of a transnational "symbolic economy".

Relevant Publications

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