Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Keith Stenning, Prof. PhD

University of Edinburgh

Main Research Interests

Academic Background

since†2009 Emeritus Professor, Edinburgh University
2006 Distinguished Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society
2005 Foreign Fellow Royal Dutch National Academy
2004-2005 Chair of EC DG Research NEST expert group to Develop NEST's vision of evolutionary cognitive science
1999-2002 Senior Research Fellow, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
1997-2008 Personal Chair in Human Communication, Edinburgh University
1989-1998 Founding Director of ESRC funded Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Human Communication (HCRC)
1989-1997 Professorial Fellow, Edinburgh University
1974-1975 Research Associate in the Laboratory of Professor G. A. Miller, at the Rockefeller University
1969-1974 Graduate Fellow at Rockefeller University, New York
1966-1969 Trinity College, Oxford (Psychology and Philosophy)

Recent Publications

Stenning, K. (2012) Multiple logics within argument: how defeasible and classical reasoning work together. In Verheij, B., Szeider, S., & Woltran, S. (Eds.) Computational Models of Argument: Proceedings of COMMA 2012. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Stenning, K. (2012) To naturalise or not to naturalise? An issue for Cognitive Science as well as Anthropology. Topics in Cognitive Science, 4, 413-419.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2012) Language evolution: enlarging the picture. In McFarland, D., McGonigle, M. & Stenning, K. (Eds.) The Complex Mind. Palgrave McMillan.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2011) Reasoning, logic and psychology. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews of Cognitive Science.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2010) The logical response to a noisy world. In Cognition and conditionals: Probability and logic in human thought. (Ed.) Oaksford, M. pp. 85-102. Oxford University Press.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2008). Human Reasoning and Cognitive Science. MIT Press.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2007) Explaining the domain generality of human cognition. In Roberts, M. J. (Ed.) Integrating the Mind. pp. 179-209. Psychology Press.

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