Keith Stenning, Prof. PhD

University of Edinburgh
Email: k.stenning@ed.ac.uk

Main Research Interests

Academic Background

since 2009 Emeritus Professor, Edinburgh University
2006 Distinguished Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society
2005 Foreign Fellow Royal Dutch National Academy
2004-2005 Chair of EC DG Research NEST expert group to Develop NEST's vision of evolutionary cognitive science
1999-2002 Senior Research Fellow, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
1997-2008 Personal Chair in Human Communication, Edinburgh University
1989-1998 Founding Director of ESRC funded Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Human Communication (HCRC)
1989-1997 Professorial Fellow, Edinburgh University
1974-1975 Research Associate in the Laboratory of Professor G. A. Miller, at the Rockefeller University
1969-1974 Graduate Fellow at Rockefeller University, New York
1966-1969 Trinity College, Oxford (Psychology and Philosophy)

Recent Publications

Stenning, K. (2012) Multiple logics within argument: how defeasible and classical reasoning work together. In Verheij, B., Szeider, S., & Woltran, S. (Eds.) Computational Models of Argument: Proceedings of COMMA 2012. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Stenning, K. (2012) To naturalise or not to naturalise? An issue for Cognitive Science as well as Anthropology. Topics in Cognitive Science, 4, 413-419.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2012) Language evolution: enlarging the picture. In McFarland, D., McGonigle, M. & Stenning, K. (Eds.) The Complex Mind. Palgrave McMillan.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2011) Reasoning, logic and psychology. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews of Cognitive Science.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2010) The logical response to a noisy world. In Cognition and conditionals: Probability and logic in human thought. (Ed.) Oaksford, M. pp. 85-102. Oxford University Press.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2008). Human Reasoning and Cognitive Science. MIT Press.

Stenning, K. & van Lambalgen, M. (2007) Explaining the domain generality of human cognition. In Roberts, M. J. (Ed.) Integrating the Mind. pp. 179-209. Psychology Press.

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