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Quantum Mechanics: From Foundations to Quantum Information Science

Date: Febuary 27 - March 9, 2012

Convenors: Jürg Fröhlich (Zürich), Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld)

This workshop gathered well over thirty lecturers, as well as some further participants, in particular Master- and PhD students, for a ten-days' program of lectures and discussions, including a special afternoon in honor of Philippe Blanchard on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. Five top-nudge experimentalists reviewed recent experimental findings concerning the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum measurement theory, neutron interferometry, cold atom gases and artificial quantum systems, as well as quantum transport. Theorists' lectures were ranging from the foundations of quantum theory over quantum control theory, quantum dynamics and scattering theory, quantum information science, quantum cryptography, quantum Markov processes, quark confinement, ... , all the way to 'coherence and decoherence in the brain' and to the philosophy of science. The average quality of lectures was outstanding and the spectrum of topics was extraordinarily broad. The program offered to the participants during this workshop was extremely stimulating. It was very refreshing that lecturers and participants came from many different countries and scientific traditions. Discussions during breaks between lectures were animated, frank and productive.

Localization and Entanglement in Relativistic Quantum Physics
Jakob Yngvason (Vienna, AUT)

Quantum Nonlocality Based on Finite-speed Influences Leads to Signalling
Nicolas Gisin (Geneva, SUI)

New Avenues in the Coherent Manipulation of Clusters and Molecules
Markus Arndt (Vienna, AUT)

Coherence and Decoherence in the Brain
Klaus Hepp (Zürich, SUI)

Neutrons as Quantum Objects
Helmut Rauch (Vienna, AUT)

Quantum Measurement Theory Illustrated by Experiments Performed with Atoms and Photons in Cavities
Serge Haroche (Paris, FRA)

Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Mechanics
Martin Carrier (Bielefeld, GER)


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