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ZiF Cooperation Group

The case as focus of professional work

October 2008 - March 2009

Convenors: Ulrich Dausendschön-Gay (Bielefeld, GER), Jörg Bergmann (Bielefeld, GER), Ludger Hoffmann (Dortmund, GER), Thomas-Michael Seibert (Frankfurt/Main, GER), Ulrich Streeck (Rosdorf, GER)

ZiF:Cooperation Group

Typically professions are understood to be service occupations that are characterized by highly systematic and specialized knowledge, acquired in the course of a long training. This kind of knowledge is intended to enable professionals to solve concrete problems and crises that can no longer be managed in everyday life and for the solution of which professional help is therefore sought. At the core of these professional activities there is the ability to deal with 'cases'. Professional work - either that of a judge, a clinical doctor or a psychotherapist - consists of cases, cases constitute the focus of professional acting where the acquired knowledge and skills are applied. Another constitutive element is, however, that the intervention of a professional can never be implemented according to a routine pattern, a professional practitioner is always between the conflicting priorities of his systematic expert knowledge in classified order and the inevitable particularities of each individual case.
The focus of the planned cooperation group is on the question of how a 'case' is constituted in the professional acting of medical doctors and lawyers and what epistemic, interactive and institutional functions and consequences the orientation towards the case has for professional acting.

Fellows of the Cooperation Group:
Jörg Frommer (Magdeburg), Kent Lerch (Frankfurt a.M.), Thomas Scheffer (Berlin), Susanne Uhmann (Wuppertal)

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