ZiF Cooperation Group

Discrete and Continuous Models in the Theory of Networks

October 2012 - September 2017

Convenors: Delio Mugnolo (Hagen, GER), Fatihcan M. Atay (Ankara, TUR) und Pavel Kurasov (Stockholm, SWE)

This conference aims at bringing together functional analysts, mathematical physicists, experts in dynamical systems, and probabilists who have research interests in graph theory, networks, complex systems, and/or random walks; as well as computer scientists, physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, and further natural scientists whose everyday research life is connected to the network paradigm. It will ideally follow the path of previous meetings on differential equations on networks held in the past years in Blaubeuren and Bielefeld (Germany) and Castro Urdiales (Spain) as well as the QGraph meeting series that has taken place in several German and Swedish venues since 2009.

The list of already confirmed participants includes:

  • Riccardo Adami (Polytechnic, Turin, ITA)
  • Felix Ali Mehmeti (Valenciennes, FRA)
  • Lior Alon (Haifa, ISR)
  • Fatihcan Atay (Bilkent, Ankara, TUR)
  • Ram Band (Haifa, ISR)
  • Joachim von Below (Calais, FRA)
  • Gregory Berkolaiko (Texas A&M, USA)
  • Jens Bolte (Royal Holloway, London, GBR)
  • Stefano Bonaccorsi (Trento, Italy)
  • Claudio Cacciapuoti (Como, ITA)
  • José Luis Casadiego Bastidas (MPI Göttingen, GER)
  • Vsevolod Chernyshev (Moskow, RUS)
  • Andrea Corli (Ferrara, ITA)
  • Simone Dovetta (Polytechnic, Turin, ITA)
  • Sebastian Egger (Haifa, ISR)
  • Merle Fairhust (LMU, Munich, GER)
  • Florian Fischer (Potsdam, GER)
  • Mareike Fischer (Greifswald, GER)
  • Federica Gregorio (Hagen, GER)
  • Patrick Joly (ENSTA ParisTech, FRA)
  • Jürgen Jost (MPI Leipzig, GER)
  • Maryna Kachanovska (ENSTA ParisTech, FRA)
  • Michael Kaplin (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Anders Karlsson (Geneva, SUI)
  • Moritz Kaßmann (Bielefeld, GER)
  • Matthias Keller (Potsdam, GER)
  • James Kennedy (Lisbon, POR)
  • Joachim Kerner (Hagen, GER)
  • Oleksiy Kostenko (Vienna, AUS)
  • Marjeta Kramar-Fijavž (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Pavel Kurasov (Stockholm, SWE)
  • Hafida Laasri (Hagen, GER)
  • Francisco Lacerda (Stockholm, SWE)
  • Michał Ławniczak (Warsaw, POL)
  • Corentin Léna (Lisbon, POR)
  • Annick Lesne (Jussieu, Paris, FRA)
  • Jiří Lipovský (Hradec Králové, CZE)
  • Shiping Liu (USTC, Hefei, CHN)
  • Wenlian Lu (USTC, Hefei, CHN)
  • Alexander Lück (Saarbrücken, GER)
  • Claudio Marchi (Padova, ITA)
  • Melissa Meinert (Bielefeld, GER)
  • Bojan Mohar (Simon Fraser, CAN)
  • Delio Mugnolo (Hagen, GER)
  • Jacob Muller (Stockholm, GER)
  • Anna Muranova (Bielefeld, GER)
  • Serge Nicaise (Valenciennes, FRA)
  • Noema Nicolussi (Vienna, AUT)
  • Diego Noja (Milano-Bicocca, ITA)
  • Matteo Polettini (Luxembourg, LUX)
  • Mason A. Porter (UCLA, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Olaf Post (Trier, GER)
  • Stefan Rotter (Freiburg, GER)
  • Mostafa Sabri (Orsay, FRA)
  • Ruben Sanchez Garcia (Southhampton, GBR)
  • Holger Schanz (HS Magdeburg, GER)
  • Marcel Schmidt (Jena, GER)
  • Christian Scholz (Potsdam, GER)
  • Michael Schwarz (Potsdam, GER)
  • Andrea Serio (Stockholm, SWE)
  • Leszek Sirko (Warsaw, POL)
  • Uzy Smilansky (Weizman Institute, ISR)
  • Rune Suhr (Stockholm, SWE)
  • Lorenzo Tentarelli (Naples, ITA)
  • Christiane Tretter (Bern, SUI)
  • Françoise Truc (Grenoble, FRA)
  • Konstantinos Tsougkas (Uppsala, FIN)
  • Francesco Tudisco (Glasgow, GBR)
  • Stephen Watson (Glasgow, GBR)
  • Hans Arwed Weidenmüller (MPI Heidelberg, GER)
  • Melchior Wirth (Jena, GER)
  • Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz, AUT)

A limited amount of funding is available to support the participation of young researchers. Please note that registration is required. If you are interested to participate, please contact the organizers:
  • Fatihcan Atay (Bilkent University, Ankara: f.atay@bilkent.edu.tr)
  • Pavel Kurasov (University of Stockholm: kurasov@math.su.se)
  • Delio Mugnolo (University of Hagen: delio.mugnolo@fernuni-hagen.de)
Conference Programme

Please direct questions concerning the organisation of the workshop to Trixi Valentin at the Conference Office (phone: +49 521 106-2769 / Fax: +49 521 106-152769). Questions regarding scientific content and contributions should be directed to the organizers.