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Vernissage: May 13, 11:30

Exhibition: May 13, 2007 - May, 2008

Artist: Werner Schlegel (Salzkotten-Niederntudorf)

There are a lot of possibilities to approach the work of the sculptor Werner Schlegel in different ways. The material is one of them, then there is the process of creating and producing, colour and form and a keen sense of time. Time that is inherent in the material wood, grown time, past taken into the work, not finished but understood as a power that has a future because the presence of the artistic work can be experienced. Looking backwards does not mean retrogressive here. There is no restriction to this definition but enrichment. It signifies direction and basis. In the works of this artist preserving of matter combines with created, explored forms that constantly lead him on to new complex creations. [Remarks on the work of Werner Schlegel, Gisela Burkamp]

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