Öffentliche Veranstaltung am ZiF - Vortrag

Open Day at the ZiF

Everyone agreed: the Open Day at the ZiF was a major success! Far more than 500 people visited the buildings on the slope of the Teutoburg Forest on the morning of July 5. Thy were able to experience "Walking Machines live", to be inspired by Timm Ulrichs performance and to obtain first-hand information on the work of the ZiF.
You can find some snapshots of the event here; more information on the program and the robots presented can be found on the followinig pages.

Johnnie and Ipke Wachsmuth
Johnnie and the Managing Director of the ZiF, Ipke Wachsmuth, greet the guests at the entrance.
Holk Cruse und Tarry
Holk Cruse, bio-cybernetics researcher from Bielefeld, and his insect-like robot Tarry.
Timm Ulrichs
Timm Ulrichs' performance on water circulation in front of the ZiF's main entrance
Timm Ulrichs
Timm Ulrichs dealt with the topic of "Walking Machines" in his own way: He walked up and down his installation to refill the first barrel with water from the last.
Hightech zum Anfassen!
Hands-on high-tech! LAURON is being thoroughly inspected.
Kickende Aibos
The football-playing robot-dogs from Darmstadt were especially popular with the smallest visitors.
LAURON in Aktion
LAURON on its way through the foyer.
Scorpion kriegt neue Power
After a lot of presentation, Scorpion's batteries have to be replaced.
AirBug wird umlagert
AirBug's presentations could be heard throughout the building owing to the compressor needed for its "muscles".
Johnnie definetly acted as a magnet for visitors and he was also immensely popular with the press.