Öffentliche Veranstaltung am ZiF - Vortrag

Formulas of Power?

What political analysis can learn from natural sciences

Date: July 21, 2004, 6.30 p.m.
ZiF:lecture by Gero von Randow

Gero von Randow was born in Hamburg in 1953. After studying law the worked as a scientific journalist on a free-lance basis. 1992 he joined the science department of the ZEIT where he founded the experimental 'Reformwerkstatt'; he was also in charge of the essay-page 'Themen der Zeit' up to the year 2000. Subsequently he acted as a deputy for the political editor of the ZEIT, in 2001 he took up the position of scientific editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. As from autumn 2003 on he has been working again in the politics department of the ZEIT.

Bild: Gero v. Randow
On June 13, 2003 he was awarded the European Science Writers Award at the Karlsruhe Center for Art and Media Technology. Just as in the year before, when he had received the Medienpreis der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), this award was given for exceptional achievements in his role as a mediator between science and society as a whole. Gero von Randow's publications are addressed to the public in general, entertaining in a humorous way and frequently referring to cultural history and the history of ideas, to the intellectual as well as natural sciences, crossing the boundaries between the disciplines - every reason for inviting him to give a public evening lecture at the ZiF, where he has been a member of the board of trustees since 1996.
Bild: Gero v. Randow

The title of his lecture refers to the book 'Formeln der Macht' written by the physicist Wilhelm Fucks, Rowohlts Taschenbuch Verlag, that appeared in the late 1960ies. Gero von Randow, who has increasingly concentrated on political and social aspects during the past six years, intends to show that prognoses concerning the distribution of economic and political power within the 'world of tomorrow' cannot be reduced to a simple formula.

After the lecture, the ZiF had invited all guests, Fellows and friends to a little summer party at which Thomas Gerdiken played the Boogie Woogie. You can view some pictures of this successful event here.