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Psychological Counselling and Therapy

Psychological counseling at Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB)

ZSB counsellors help (doctoral) students to overcome personal problems or crises. This support can take the form of individual, group or couples counseling. Typical issues include stress during the final phases of doctoral study, decision-making conflicts, difficulties making friends, feelings of being overwhelmed and/or psychosomatic complaints as well as radical changes in life plans. Teaching staff who want to support students in stress can also seek advice

Bielefeld University Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic (PAB)

The outpatient clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for students with psychological problems. It is connected to the clinical psychology and psychotherapy unit of Bielefeld University's Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science. The PAB offers outpatient psychotherapy, costs are carried by German insurance companies.

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