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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Financial Support

The BGHS provides financial support for the organization of workshops by BGHS members. The BGHS also provides advice about support available from Bielefeld University and other funding organisations.

Funding for Workshops

The BGHS provides for doctoral researcher the opportunity to organize workshops to a voluntary seminar topic. The courses offer the opportunity for detailed discussions about the topic with colleagues and guests. Additionally, skills in event management can be gained. Aside from the funding by the BGHS an supplementary financial support by third parties are welcome and recommended. The funding amount by the BGHS is up to 2,000 Euro. Roughly six workshops are held at the BGHS annualy.


The financial support is only admissable for accommodation and travel costs (excluding daily benefits and catering) as well as costs for support by the IBZ. The federal state of North Rhine Westphalia's law on the reimbursement for travel expenses is hereby applicable (Travel by plane and train in second class, no taxi)

The reservation of accommodations and the organization of arrival and departure are the organizers responsibility.

Financial support by the BGHS is subject to the following preconditions:

  • Consultation of the BGHS office in advance.
  • The BGHS has to be mentioned as sponsor on all materials (flyer, poster, programme) by name and logo. The use of the logo has to be approved beforehand.
  • Participation at the workshops has to be available for all BGHS members.

Further information here.

German language courses for international doctoral researcher

University Bielefeld offers German language courses for BGHS affiliated international doctoral researcher, free of charge. The language courses are organized by PunktUm. Application via this site. Additional information is available here.

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