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Application for admission to the degree programme

Please enter your data if you want to apply for admission to the doctoral programme.

This online application portal allows to apply either for the doctorate within the doctoral programme or for a doctorate independent from the doctoral programme.

Please indicate if you apply for a doctorate within the doctoral programme at BGHS or for a doctorate independent from the doctoral programme. Please see further information on this in the doctoral regulations of the Department of History or of the Faculty of Sociology.

The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Doctoral Research Project
Please name two academic referees.
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Please only upload the requested documents. Your documents have to be either in German or in English. If your certificates are neither in German nor English language, please submit a translation. We only accept PDF files. More information on how to create pdf files can be found here.

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  2. : Please also see our Guidelines for a Research Proposal

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  4. Statement about current or previous attempts to earn a doctorate*

  5. Application for Admission (completed, signed and scanned)

  6. Statement of Consent

Declaration of Consent

I hereby freely consent to the processing of my personal data as described in the privacy policy.

The consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time with future effect. If you withdraw your consent, this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing up to that point. To opt out, please contact the technical contact person - see privacy policy. In the event that you opt out, your personal data will be deleted immediately. You will not be put at a disadvantage by refusing or withdrawing your consent. Legal permissions remain unaffected by a withdrawal of consent. Necessity for providing data by the parties concerned (data subject and University) for the performance of the contract (compliance with legal obligations). Processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of a contract or the preparatory steps to enter into a contract. If the data is not provided by the data subject, such refusal may make it impossible for the University to conclude the contract.

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