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Statement of Consent

All doctoral researchers at the BGHS have two supervisors. The main supervisor is responsible for the care of the doctoral researcher in general and signs the BGHS supervision contract. The second supervisor complements and supports the work of the first.

For admission to the BGHS Taught Doctoral programme, the main supervisor has to be a professor in the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology or the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld. The statement of consent has to be filled in and signed by the professor. It can be uploaded to our online application portal or can be sent by the supervisor via email directly to the BGHS.

How to initiate a Supervision Relationship

When seeking a supervisor for your project, you will find the list of potential supervisors on our website helpful.

We recommend you establish contact via email with the supervisor of your choice. Please point out in your enquiry that you are planning to apply for a place at the BGHS. With your enquiry, enclose curriculum vitae in tabular form as well as a brief version of your research project (research proposal). You can find help with the composition of a proposal here.

Please note that the BGHS cannot find you a supervisor. You have to get in touch with a potential supervisor yourself.

Helpful hints on how to initiate such a supervisory relationship are provided by the the guidelines on the supervision of doctoral dissertations.

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