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in History and Sociology

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For Students Interested in the BGHS Doctoral Programme

The BGHS is pleased to inform you on its application procedure for a place on the BGHS doctoral programme. This will give you a first impression of the School, its concept, the content of its programme, and how it is structured. In addition, we will send you information on the International Doctoral Programmes in Sociology and History, about possible funding for your research, allocation of study places and membership of the BGHS.

The Doctoral Programme at the BGHS

The Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) is a joint foundation of the Faculty of Sociology and the Department of History of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology of the University of Bielefeld. Under its roof are offered the international Doctoral Programmes in History and Sociology.
The BGHS welcomes all young researchers whose dissertation projects are closely related to the areas of research of the Department of History and the Faculty of Sociology.
To take up doctoral studies at the BGHS, you need to enrol in one of the two programmes and produce evidence that a professor from the Faculty of Sociology or the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology has agreed to supervise your work.

For information on the doctoral programmes and requirements click here.

Research Funding

The BGHS office gives advice to options of financial sponsorship for dissertation projects, for example application for scholarships, stays abroad or conference travels. Financial support for the organizations of workshops is also possible. Further information: here

Places and BGHS Membership

Students are accepted to start the international taught doctoral programmes in history or sociology in a winter term (1 October to 31 March, application deadline 15 June) or a summer term (1 April to 30 September , application deadline 15 January).
Places on the international taught doctoral programme in history are allocated by the Doctoral Studies Board of the Department of History, those on the Sociology Programme by the Doctoral Studies Board of the Faculty of Sociology.
After admission to the taught Doctoral Programmes in History or Sociology, doctoral students can acquire membership of the School by signing the BGHS supervision contract. For more information on application for a place click here.

Please note that allocation of a place on the BGHS programmes does not come with funds for your research project, either in the form of a scholarship or a position on the academic staff.

Advisory Service

The BGHS is pleased to offer advice to interested students on all questions to do with its programme. Please send your enquiries to:

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