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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Advisory Services

The BGHS Office offers advice on all questions to do with your doctoral studies and the membership of the BGHS. It informs

  • on the Programme and the course of your doctoral studies
  • on all topics concerning the doctoral degree, such as finding a supervisor or ways to get financial support
  • on career options during and after your doctoral studies, both for academia and the non-academic sector


Besides the people at the BGHS Office, you can also turn to the
doctoral studentes representatives for all questions concerning the BGHS membership.
The Doctoral Programme Representatives as well as the International Representatives who look after the concerns of international doctoral researchers will help you on a friendly and equal footing.

Advice on Problems with Your Supervisor

The BGHS accepts the responsibility to support both its doctoral researchers and its staff in conflict situations. It will offer impartial assistance in the resolution of conflicts if requested by the parties involved but without fulfilling the function of arbitrator. In this it will be guided by the principle to support the conflict parties in finding a resolution without however intervening in the supervisory relationship itself. BGHS members should feel free to get in touch either with the contact person in the BGHS Office or the Vertrauensdozent (academic liaison) directly. All approaches will be handled with the greatest confidentiality, which serves the protection of all persons involved.

Click here for the website of the academic liaison

Click for the contact person at the BGHS Office

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