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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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After completion of the Doctoral Programme the BGHS will give you on request a

Transcript of the Doctoral Programme at the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology

This transcript lists, in accordance with the regulations governing postgraduate and doctoral studies at the time, the classes and activities that you were involved in during your time on the Doctoral Programme.
The transcript is no official document. It serves to list your achievements and can be enclosed with your application for the start of your doctoral examination process or the documents in application procedures.

It will take the BGHS Office about four weeks to produce the transcript. When applying for a transcript, please fill in the template of the regulations applicable for the respective postgraduate or doctoral studies. Only those regulations are applicable that were in force at the time of your application for doctoral studies at the BGHS.

The templates contain further information on the transcript and the degree requirements.

Transfer to New Regulations

As a rule, transfer to more recent postgraduate or doctoral regulations is possible at any time before the issue of the transcript. The transfer has to be applied for in writing at the BGHS, from where it will be passed on the relevant Faculty. Classes already passed under the old regulations can be counted towards the new regime if compatible with the new regulations.

Please arrange an appointment with the BGHS Office in advance of a planned transfer.

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