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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Anna Zaytseva

The Emergence and Interdependence of Work Norms: An Example of International Hotels in Russia and Germany

The goal of my study was to advance an economic sociological view on the emergence of work norms as exceeding rationality principles, while not completely excluding them. Learning and routinization focus on the cognitive mechanisms in the origin of work norms and turn out to be significant factors in the depiction and explanation of norm-following behavior. The actors of international hotels communicate and negotiate the interpretations of a newly emerging work norm until they start implementing it into practice without reflection. This means the norm will be routinized. From this point of view, I grasp the genesis of new work norms as resulting from the disruption of old routines, when actors strive for establishing a new routine on the basis of a new norm. This routine will allow them to follow a norm automatically and spontaneously.

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