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Friederike Kuntz

Aporias: The International Relation, Interrelated Sovereign, the Human Individual, and Power Knowledge

Within my dissertation, I investigate social foundations of multilateral meetings between representatives of states or state-like entities that occur in the form of (so called) international congresses and conferences.
For the theoretical framework I draw on the concept of multilateralism as an institution developed by Ruggie and others as well as on assumptions new institutionalists (e.g. Boli; Lechner; Meyer; Thomas and others) provided with regard to processes of globalization.
The empirical analysis predominantly deals with the history of international congresses and conferences during the nineteenth century as according to my estimation important developments already appear within this period.
At large, my dissertation not only aims at comprehending the proliferation and persistence of congresses and conferences in interstate relations from the nineteenth century onwards as well as social factors therein involved but also sheds light on social variables influencing the evolution of multilateralism through reliance on some broader analytical framework.

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