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Omer Ozgor

Reconstruction of the identities of the agents and classes in a denationalised world in the lens of Bourdieu: From the national identity to multifarious global identities

In the study, I intend to evaluate how multifarious identities of agents and classes are constructed from denationalisation to discourses of globalization in the sense of Bourdieu?s theorization. In this respect, Bourdieu?s conceptual terminology and his approaches to structural considerations have very influential points to understand the construction of identities in the context of denationalization and discourses of globalisation. In the first place, changes in the actions of agents do not come into existence in accordance with a certain normative way and universal de facto, but rather agents constitute dispositions which proceed from their historical accumulations. Actors may have different dispositions according to their historical time and spaces, because dispositions are not global and standardized forms, but they are socially acquired in time. In this respect, Bourdieu provides a ?genetic structuralism? in order to explain the meanings of inclusion/exclusion processes in the identities of states and identities of globalization. I argue that if denationalization continues this must result in a new global stratification of classes beyond the former stratification of classes in national states. Thus, I try to understand how the new global capitalist mondial domination reconstructs stratification of classes and identities of agents in the political social, cultural, economical and ideational fields by the lenses of Bourdieu. Theories of international relations tend to evaluate structures by way of a totalizing sense. Inclusively, theories construct their ideational arsenal in the area of objective structures, but they generally exclude the subjective structures which are constructive parts of objective structures. In order to show the interrelations of objective and subjective structures, I will try to rethink the fundamental Bourdian terminology, as field, social arbitrariness, objective/subjective structures, structuring/structured structures, symbolic violence sense of limits and sense of reality in the International Relations field. It is important to research how these capitals differentiate; how the agents and individuals reconstruct their identities in different historical terms and knowledge according to arbitrariness of domination; and how identities internalize the differentiated capital as a kind of cognitive dispositions which is not rationally chosen, but it is unconsciously internalized.

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