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From 2008 to 2018, each semester doctoral researchers from abroad conducted their research in Bielefeld as guests of the BGHS. There were three different programmes for Visiting-Fellows from Germany and abroad which gave the opportunity to explore the BGHS and obtain a qualification. These programmes were:

Visiting Fellows

Visiting fellows had the opportunity to use their stay at the BGHS to work intensively on their dissertation projects. Moreover, they visited degree programme courses and built contacts to our scientific community. They could also participate in the teaching and study programmes of the BGHS. During their stay at the BGHS they received a grant and an office space.

Start-up & Shortcuts

The Start-up and Shortcuts programmes enabled both international and non-international graduates to prepare their dissertation projects. The BGHS awarded Start-up scholarships to international MA graduates who would like to pursue a doctoral degree in history or sociology.
The BGHS offered a series of workshops on preparing doctoral proposals and awards Shortcuts scholarships to young women researchers wishing to attend these workshops.

During their stay at the BGHS the national and international guests received many opportunities to participate in the teaching and study programmes of the BGHS, to create contacts with the members of the Graduate School, to exchange ideas and to participate in the life of the BGHS.

Since the guest programmes have been introduced, more than 60 potential doctorate candidates and 24 doctoral researchers from 20 different countries participated in them. Among these countries are Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Romania, Russia , Sweden, Switzerland , Spain, Turkey , Hungary, Ukraine and the USA.

The national and international guests did not confine their contribution to the networking and the internationalisation of the BGHS to the end of their stay. Many of them are still to this day in contact with the BGHS. They represent unique links between the young sociology and history researchers, links which have national and international scope.

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