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Yaatsil Guevara Gonzalez

Transmigration in Mexico: Social aid networks inside the migratory routes of Central American women and children migrants in Mexico

Which roll have the social aid networks that interact within the migratory routes through Mexico and how the interactions between transmigration actors and these networks build entangled spaces?

Migration processes are currently considered instruments of transformation. Mexico has always been characterized as an emigration and transmigratory country. On a global scale, Mexico occupies one of the first places in both expulsion of and flow of migrants. Nevertheless, very few studies have focused on the women and children who receive the impact of transmigration and transnationalization furthermore the collective spaces built as a result of the phenomenon of transmigration have also been poorly studied. Multiple changes have occurred within the migratory dynamics and migratory flows have increased, in and out of the country. In the south-north migratory context of Latin America, Mexico's southern border is the first containment line in the migrant's transit to get to the United States. Nowadays, Mexico has been converted into a retaining wall for the tranmisgrants that want to get to the north.

Furthermore, Mexico is also one of the most important transmigratory corridors in the entire World. Some data shows that about 400,000 Central American migrants are crossing the border to the United States every year, of which approximately 10% are women and children.

Therefore it is very important not only look at the emigration data and studies between Mexican emigration and integration in the USA, but also research on which are the scenes that we can find within the migratory routes that the transmigrants use to cross the country and Mexico's northern border. Therefore, this research seeks the following research objectives: a) Analyze the existing social aid networks for migrants provide within the migratory routes in Mexico; and b) analyze the narrative experiences of transmigrant women and children's living situations while crossing in Mexico.

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