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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Structure and Organisation of the BGHS

The organisation and structure of the BGHS provides for the participation of all its members in the School's activities. Besides the doctoral researchers, the members are the two faculties with their affiliated institutions, the Board of the Graduate School, the BGHS Office and its Executive Committee.

Directors of the BGHS

The Directors run the BGHS and represent its interests internally and externally. They are among the editors of the online journal InterDisciplines which was founded by the BGHS and has been published since 2010.

Board of the BGHS

The Board of the BGHS is responsible for the development of its academic programme and makes decisions on the award of grants. The Board comprises:

  • the Directors of the BGHS
  • three members each from the group of professors from the Department of History and the Faculty of Sociology
  • the Deans of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology and of the Faculty of Sociology
  • two members from the group of the non-professorial academic staff
  • two representatives of the BGHS doctoral researchers
  • one member from the group of other staff

Representation of the doctoral researchers' Interests

The representatives of their interests are elected by the doctoral researchers at the BGHS and come, one each, from history and sociology. Additional elections take place for two representatives of social and cultural affairs and two representatives of the international doctoral researchers. The term of their office is one year.

Academic Liaison at the BGHS

The academic liaison care at the BGHS is available to all its members for advice and encouragement relating to all matters concerning the BGHS. In particular, she/he will support students to find solutions to academic or general issues concerning everyday life at the BGHS.

The BGHS Office

The BGHS administrative office is in charge of all matters and enquiries concerning the Graduate School. It coordinates the School's academic and extra-curricular programmes, and gives advice to its members on all topics relating to their doctoral research and dissertation and their membership of the BGHS. In addition, the Office takes care of the School's administration, of technology, computers and data processing as well the public relations of the BGHS.


The BGHS operates based on its statutes (VBO).

Download the statutes here (PDF)

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