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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Excellent Doctoral Training

The foremost objective of the BGHS is to create ideal conditions for its doctoral programmes. This is the basis for high-quality work by young researchers. In this immensely important scholarly and societal task the BGHS is supported by funds from the Initiative for Excellence, the co-operating Faculties and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Bielefeld University.

The work of the BGHS is best described by its focus on interdisciplinarity and its international character. Its members' research themes cover the whole range of the co-operating disciplines, while their research life thrives on the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The international character of its teaching and research makes the School attractive not just for young scholars from Germany but also for highly qualified doctoral students from abroad.

In its organisation and structure, the School attaches great importance to enabling all its members to participate in the School's activities in accordance with the bottom-up approach, while at the same time paying due regard to the aspects of gender & diversity, and ensuring an active quality management. This creates at the BGHS a stimulating environment for work as well as life, leading to inspired research and great satisfaction on the part of the young researchers. The success of this approach is seen, among other things, in the high degree of commitment of the doctoral students to the BGHS, the great number of their publications and lectures, the great number of completed and the very low number of unfinished PhD projects, as well as the fact that most students take no more than the standard 3 to 4 years to earn their doctorates.

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