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End of Messages? - The State of the Dialogue between History and Sociology

1st Annual Seminar of the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), 9-11 February 2009

The first annual seminar of the new graduate school of historians and sociologists put the state of the relationship between the two disciplines on the agenda. One keynote speaker from sociology traced the history of interdisciplinary cooperation back to the 19th century, pointing out that before the disciplinary differentiation, historians and those who would later call themselves social scientists pursued very much the same questions with similar methods and theories. Another keynote from a historians assessed the current state of the interdisciplinary dialogue and its future prospect.
Apart from general reflections about the relationship between history and sociology, workshops devoted to topics of interests to both disciplines - semantics, social inequality, world society and ethnicity, for instance - gave doctoral researchers the chance to present their projects to peers from the respective other discipline and discuss it with established scholars from both academic fields. The experiment turned out to be a success and proved that there is a great potential in reviving the interdisciplinary dialogue.

Programme (pdf)

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