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Interdisciplinary Colloquium

At the initiative of BGHS members, an Interdisciplinary Colloquium was instituted during Winter Term 2009/2010 to strengthen academic collaboration at the Graduate School and take advantage of its interdisciplinary structure. These periodic colloquia, unlike other courses, are not led by a professor. To enable discussion on research projects in progress in a non-judgmental atmosphere, the colloquium is organised and run by the (post)doctoral researchers themselves.

The colloquium has a set structure: Before each session, a text about the research project to be discussed is distributed. At the colloquium, this text is first commented on by a historian and by a sociologist. The discussion is then opened to all participants.

All doctoral researchers are invited to take part in the colloquium, participation is obligatory for BGHS stipendiaries. Both lectures and discussions are held in English.

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