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Bielefeld Graduate School

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Main and Second Supervisors

All doctoral researchers at the BGHS have two supervisors. The first supervisor accepts responsibility for the general care of her/his students. As a rule, this person is of professorial rank at the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology or the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld. The second supervisor's job is to support the first in her/his work. In the ideal case, he or she will offer further, supplementary perspectives on theoretical or methodological questions. The second supervisor's name must be communicated to the BGHS Office in the course of the third semester.

Interdisciplinarity and international supervisory possibilities

Depending on the topical foci, methodological challenges and academic backgrounds of the PhD students, the second supervisor can be recruited from other disciplines or universities in and outside Germany.

You find further, important information on the choice of supervisors in the the doctoral regulations of the two participating Faculties.

The BGHS attaches great importance to the signing of a supervision agreement. It is through this contract that the doctoral researchers, after admission to the doctroal programme by the Faculty of Sociology and the Department of History, gain the membership of the BGHS. The supervision agreement specifies the respective rights and duties of the doctoral researchers, their supervisors and the Graduate School. You find the supervision agreement here.

Guidelines for the supervision of doctoral projects

Another building block, besides the supervision agreement, for the improvement of doctoral study at the BGHS is the Guidelines for the supervision of doctoral projects. These guidelines serve the doctoral researchers, the professors and the BGHS as a means and incentive to achieve an active shaping of the supervisory process. You can find the Guidelines here.

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