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Workshops and conferences 2008

Markets as a central institution and organizing principle of modern societies (15 Oct.-03 Dec. 2008)

Organiser: Eva-Maria Walker

With an eye towards the institution "market" as a modus of social order - leaning on Mark Granovetter's theory of the social embeddedness of economic actions - not only questions of the constitution and coordination of markets and the structure of competition were discussed, but also the question of the foundation of economic orders from a practice theory perspective. In particular modern business sociology is characterised by the attempt to overcome this dualism or to give it a dynamic turn.

Semantics as a basic principle in sociology? (12-13 Jun. 2008)

Organiser: David Kaldewey, Fran Osrecki
In cooperation with: Research Training Group "Entering the Knowledge Society"

In the late 1970s, Reinhart Koselleck and Niklas Luhmann divorced the term "semantics" from a narrow linguistic context. Semantics became a fundamental principle of the history of concepts (Koselleck 1979) and subsequently a fundamental principle of the sociology of knowledge in modern society (Luhmann 1980). In the past decades, this idea has developed a momentum of its own. The conference aimed at the clear delineation of this poorly integrated area of research and examined the further possibilities of a broadly defined sociological semantic analysis.

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