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Workshops and conferences 2009

Undisciplined images. Photography as a dialogical structure (26-27 Nov. 2009)

Organiser: Thomas Abel
In cooperation with: Martin Deppner (Bielefeld), Focus of research: Photography and Media at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (in German)

The BGHS organised the 30th Bielefeld Photo Symposium together with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences focus of research Photography and Media as a step towards examining the conceptual and design practice of photography and social and historical iconographic research for common image science approaches with a socio-cultural focus.

Challenging Developments (16-18 Apr. 2009)

Organiser: Joshua Kwesi Aikins
In cooperation with: Eva Gerharz, Martin Koch
Guests: Claudia von Braunmühl (Berlin), Nicholas van Hear (Oxford), Aram Ziai (Hamburg)

The conference "Challenging Developments" examined the focus on social mechanisms currently popular in sociology in order to open a dialogue on synergy effects and demarcation lines between both disciplines. The inflationary use of the term "mechanism" in both disciplines with no clearly explicit definition suggests an open approach.

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