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Workshops and conferences 2013

Transconstitutionalism in centre and periphery of modern society (3-5 Dec. 2013)

Organisers: Henrique Carvalho and Justus Heck

Guest: Marcelo Neves (Universidad de Brasília)

The concept of Constitutionalism (Neves 2013) and its relation with the distinction Center/Periphery in the modern society (Neves 1992, Brunkhorst et al. 2004; Neves/Voigt (ed.) 2007) represent critical positions in relationship with theories of global constitutionalism based on the perception of a fragmented, colliding constellation of a plurality of regimes (Teubner/Fischer-Lescano 2006; Teubner 2012). The workshop deals with this new impulse of constitutional theory as well as with the discussion of alternative models of regime constitutions, which reaches the normative space beyond the Nation-state and vis-à-vis its limits, especially the incomplete functional differentiation of the world society. The central questions may be then formulated:

  • In what measure may the constitutionalism thesis be as an alternative to Teubner's thesis on constitutional fragments?
  • How would both relate with the distinction centre/periphery of modern society?

Although the workshop is primarily directed to the discussion of research projects by BGHS members, other scientists, professors and students are invited, too.

You can see the preliminary programme here.

Ökologien der Transformation. New approaches to a history of environment and society (01-03 Aug. 2013)

Organisers: Frank Uekötter, Christian Möller

Conference venue: Bielefeld University, Internationales Begegnungszentrum

The event aims for an open-minded discussion of ongoing research projects in environmental history, with special emphasis on methodological issues.

Researching Architecture and Society: What can a Sociology of Architecture learn from Science and Technology Studies? (6-8 June 2013)

Organisers:Working Committee "Sociology of Architecture" of the DGS-sections Urban and Regional Sociology and Sociology of Culture in cooperation with the BGHS

In this workshop, we will discuss theoretical and empirical papers that aim at bringing together concepts developed by science and technology studies (STS) and the sociology of architecture. A broad variety of questions is of interest:

  • Which STS-concepts can be translated into questions of the sociology of architecture?
  • Which conceptual modifications are necessary?
  • What methodological consequences result from these modifications for the (empirical) analysis of architecture and its relation to society?
  • How can empirical studies include the possibility of reciprocal influences of buildings and society?
  • What can the sociology of architecture learn from authors who criticize the inclusion of non-human actors?

The workshop will be opened by a public lecture. Prof. Dr. Karin Knorr Cetina (University of Constance & University of Chicago) and Prof. Dr. Martina Löw (TU Darmstadt) will discuss the topic "Science & Technology Studies meet Sociology of Architecture - A Critical Dialogue About Societies and Their Objects".

The conference language will be English.

For more information click here.

Contact: Anna-Lisa Müller, Dr. Werner Reichmann,

Transnational Approaches in Graduate Research (25-29 April 2013)

University of Notre Dame, College of Arts and Letters

Organisers: Patrick Griffin, Semion Lyandres, Mike Westrate (University of Notre Dame) BGHS, Dietmar Wulff, Stephan Merl, Andreas Vasilache, Chiara Pierobon (Bielefeld University)

In cooperation with: Center of European and German Studies (Bielefeld University and St. Petersburg State University, Russia)

The fourth graduate research conference organised by the History Department at the University of Notre Dame, the Center for German and European Studies (Bielefeld University) as well as by the BGHS took place at Notre Dame. Four plenary sessions in total dealt with transnational approaches in the doctoral research projects. The keynote lectures were held by Malte Griesse (University of Constance) and Frank Wolff (University of Osnabrück). An excursion to Chicago completed the 2013 International Graduate Student Workshop Exchange.

Programme 2013

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