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Workshops and Conferences 2016

7th International PhD Student Workshop Exchange Notre Dame / Bielefeld

(26.-31 May 2016, Bielefeld University)

Organizers: Prof. Alexander Martin, Prof. John Deak (Notre Dame), Prof. Stephan Merl, Dr. Bettina Brandt, Lili Zhu (Bielefeld)

The cooperation in postgraduate training between the Department of History of the University of Notre Dame near South Bend, Indiana (USA), the department of History at the University of Bielefeld and the BGHS goes back to 2010; it is based on a PhD workshop oriented towards aspects of theory and methods. This international PhD student workshop takes place every year, with the universities of Notre Dame and Bielefeld alternating as venue. The workshops are conducted in English. The aim of the workshop is to foster an intensive exchange between the PhD students and scholars of both institutions. For further information about the 7th International PhD Student Workshop Exchange Notre Dame / Bielefeld 2016 and the schedule, please see:

Workshop-Programme (pdf)

Workshop-Poster (pdf)

2016 PhD Conference in History: Lund / York / Bielefeld

(22.-25.5.2016, Bielefeld University))

Organizers: Prof. Hanne Sanders (Lund University), Dr. David Clayton (University of York), Prof. Martina Kessel, Dr. Bettina Brandt, Rodrigo Marttie (Bielefeld University)

In cooperation with the National Graduate School of History at Lund University, Sweden, and the PhD Programme in History at the University of York, UK, the BGHS and the Bielefeld Department of History host the International PhD Conference Lund-York-Bielefeld 2016 at Bielefeld University from 23 to 25 May 2016.

After conferences held 2014 at Lund and 2015 at York, Bielefeld is particularly pleased to join this cooperation in 2016 and to exchange with partners renowned for their excellent research and graduate/PhD training.

The conference offers doctoral researchers an opportunity to build a wider scientific network, to train the short and concise presentation of their projects, and to support colleagues with helpful comments. Its focus is on oral presentations in English, and likewise intensive feedback from peers and faculty.

For further information and the schedule, please see:

Workshop-Programme (pdf)

Workshop-Poster (pdf)

Postcolonialism and China?

(15.- 16. Jan. 2016, Universität Bielefeld)

Organisers: Lili Zhu, Marius Meinhoff, Jun Chen Yan (BGHS)

The workshop "Postcolonialism and China?" aims to discuss chances and limits of a postcolonial perspective on China, to identify a potential discourse on Chinese postcoloniality in German language, and to gather scholars interested in this topic.

Workshop Programme (in German) Workshop Poster (in German)

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