Universität Bielefeld

B hoch 3


Our lab has a play area. There is space for you and your child’s siblings.

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Upon your arrival at B hoch 3, you are welcomed by our team. As a first step, you get information about the procedure of our study, sign the consent form, and can ask all the questions you have before we start.


Meanwhile, your child can relax and play in the room until it feels comfortable to start.


We conduct the experiment at a pace that is comfortable for your child.


During the breaks your child can come back to the play area.


At the end of the experiment, your child can choose a small present as a thank you for participating.



We look forward to you and your child!


We need your help!

We are looking for infants and children to participate in our studies!

Registration and contact

  Please sign up online here
Tel: 0521 106 44 85
(Dr. Boukje Habets)