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B hoch 3

General information about the Kids Lab 'B hoch 3'

We investigate how children and adolescents process touch and how they organize their movements, and how they get a grasp of the world through their sensory input and their motor actions

The 3 B of the Kids Lab represent our research: The German words Berühren, Bewegen, Begreifen (touch, move, understand). Our skin is the border between our body and the world. Our brain perceives along this border through the sense of touch. When we move, the brain, thus, not only receives visual information, but also tactile information. We investigate how the brain perceives the body and interacts with the world. We aim to understand how development in children and adolescents proceeds normally, to open new doors for treatment of developmental disorders.


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We use different methods

We use small, painless touch stimuli to investigate how children localize touch on their body, and how the brain processes touch.


We can record brain activtiy to better understand what happens when a child perceives something, or makes a movement.


We measure the forces that children apply during execution of a movement, and record the exact trajectory of the movement


We need your help!

We are looking for infants and children to participate in our studies!

Registration and contact

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Tel: 0521 106 44 85
(Dr. Boukje Habets)