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B hoch 3

Welcome in the Kids Lab "B hoch 3": Berühren, Bewegen, Begreifen

We are a part of the group Biopsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience (Bielefeld University) and of CITEC.

Here you find all information about the Kids Lab (procedure, data protection, and so on...).

Berühren, Bewegen, Begreifen.
We explore how children and teenagers process touch and move, and how they interact with the world.

The Kids Lab team belong to the group Biopsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience. Here you can learn more about the B hoch 3 team.

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We are looking for infants and children to participate in our studies! We look forward to you and your child!

How to find us

Please visit the page "How to find us" for more information.

Arbeitseinheit Biopsychologie & Kognitive Neurowissenschaften (AE14)
Fakultät für Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Abteilung Psychologie UHG | Raum E01-120
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