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Benjamin Wilden

Benjamin Wilden  
Room: VHF-113A
Phone: 0521 106 2811
Email: Benjamin.wilden@uni-bielefeld.de


Short CV


Aug 2017 Master thesis: “How predators affect prey and non prey fitness through mucus secretion: a case study with Polycelis tenuis flatworms”"
2015-2017 Master study programme Fundamental and Applied Ecology, Bielefeld University
Okt 2015 Bachelor thesis: “Effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza on Plantago lanceolata and the survival of its herbivore Myzus persicae”."
2013-2015 Bachelor Biologie, Bielefeld University


Research interests

Only six lakes in the world exist for over a million years and are deeper than 200 m. Shockingly, nobody studied adaptations to these constant, but isolated environments systematically. Whereas, the scientific community has understood the importance of the deep sea as such habitat. Therefore I aim to analyze the sediment community, especially the diversity and the food web of micro- and meiofauna, and see if they share the same evolutionary strategies.

In addition, various experiments in the laboratory are planned to get a better understanding of the species’ interaction.


Presentations and Posters

Wilden,B; Majdi,N; Neu, T.R. & Traunspurger,W: Mucus – “How flatworms affect nematode prey fitness”. Poster, DZG 110th Annual Meeting, 11-15th September 2017, Bielefeld, Germany.


Wilden, B., Majdi, N., Kuhlicke, U., Neu, T. R., & Traunspurger, W.(2019).Flatworm mucus as the base of a food web.BMC ecology,19(1), 15.