Raptors & Owls
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Raptors & Owls

Modern lives in the Wild

Buzzards, eagles and eagle owls: these are the stars of a long-term research project aiming to understand life and death in wild animals living in cultivated landscapes. Why we need catapults, truck canopies, and your help in order to do this, you can find out here.



Have you seen Wing Tags?

Have you seen or found a buzzard with wing tags or rings? Your sighting holds important information for us!

Please fill in our online-form.

Recently, we also started giving wing tags to Red Kites. We are very keen to hear about them, too! You can enter the Red Kites in the above-mentioned online-form.

Wing tags can appear large and cumbersome. However, we attach them in a way that is pain free and does not interfere with the birds? ability to fly. This is extremely important to us, as we want to influence the birds as little as possible. In order to research their lives and their performance under natural conditions, this is a central condition.

So, what about the catapult and truck canopies? The latter offer by far the best material from which to make robust wing tags which will stay with a raptor all its life. But how to get a wing tag onto the chick of a buzzard or a kite in the first place? Well, this takes some effort indeed. The nests are high up in the trees, making it necessary to climb them with ropes. You can watch how we use a catapult to get the rope into the tree in this short video, taken from a report by the local TV station about our work.







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