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Curriculum Vitae - Fritz Trillmich

Date of birth: 16.04.1948  |  Town: Göttingen, Germany

1966-71 Studied biology at the University of Freiburg; Diploma in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Macromolecular Chemistry, 1971

1976 Dr. rer. nat., LM University of Munich

1976-1978 Postdoctoral Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie, Seewiesen

1978-1990 Researcher, Max-Planck Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie, Seewiesen

1985 Habilitation in Zoology, LMU Munich

1990- 2013 Professor and Head of Department of Animal Behaviour, Faculty of Biology, University of Bielefeld


Visiting Scientist

September 1982 – February 1983: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Physiological Research Laboratory, in La Jolla, San Diego, guest of Prof. Gerald L. Kooyman.

March-April 1996 - University of California at Santa Cruz, Marine Biology Laboratory, guest of Prof. D.P. Costa and Prof. B.J. LeBoeuf

November and December 2000 University of Groningen, Netherlands, guest of Prof. F.-J. Weissing February 2005, University of Oklahoma, USA, guest of Prof. D. Mock



20 at the University of Bielefeld, external reviewer for PhDs from Australia, Austria, France, Great Britain, Netherland, New Zealand, and Switzerland


Present academic position

Retired professor at the Department of Animal Behaviour, Faculty of Biology, University Bielefeld


Honours and special recognitions

Elected Reviewer of the DFG (German Science Foundation; Section Zoology; 2001-2004; 2004-2007) Member of the IUCN Seal Specialist Group (since 1988)

Council member of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, UK (1990-1994) Member of the International Steering Committee for the European Union of the Spanish Monk Seal Project in Mauretania (1996-1998)

Member Scientific Committee on Seals, National Environmental Research Council, UK (1998-2004)

Member of the Advisory Board of the „Vogelwarte Helgoland“, German Bird Observatory, Helgoland, Germany (since 1993; Head of the board 2006-2010)

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Biology (IWF), Berlin (since 2004; Head of the board 2007-2011)

German delegate of the International Ethological Council (1990-present)

1997 – 2001; Board of Directors, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (ZIF), Bielefeld, Germany.

Vice-President (2002-2006) and President of the Ethologische Gesellschaft (2007-2010);

Dean Faculty of Biology, University Bielefeld 1993; 2008-2010

2012 Honorary Member of the Ethological Society


Associate Editor

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (Associate Editor 1994 – 1997, and 2001 - 2010)

International Journal of Mammalogy (Associate Editor 2000 - 2007)