Joint Symposium of NC³, MGSE, and EvoPAD

27-28 May 2019, University of Münster

NC³ will organize a symposium together with the Münster Graduate School of Evolution (MGSE) and the Research Training Group EvoPAD at the University of Münster.

General Assembly Meeting and SFB summer festival

28. June 2019, Bielefeld

Philosophical perspectives on ecological niches

15-16 July 2019, University of Münster

NC³ hosts a two-day philosophy workshop on ecological niches. For more information, check the webpage.

Uni.Stadt.Fest, 50th anniversary Bielefeld University

15. September 2019

SFB-Retreat 2019

30. September - 02. October 2019, National park Müritz

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