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Pupil's Attitude and Moral Judgement Competence

Judgement is one of the most crucial competencies in biology. Pupils should be able to keep track of, and address socially relevant questions. In some cases, it is necessary for pupils to make these decisions for themselves. For example, one significant bio-ethical topic is organ donation. There is a huge discrepancy between the organs needed and those available. This topic is thus socially relevant, making it important for pupils to be able to tackle this question seriously.

At present we are conducting research in precisely this issue. In the course of the project, 11th graders are instructed in their biology classes about organ donation. Our aim is to enable them to decide for or against post mortem organ donation, and to give written proof of their decision in the form of an organ donor card. Sequences of lessons, using, different forms of media, are developed and tested, and then evaluated for their effectiveness. Our ongoing research involves refining the measurement instruments, as well as evaluating and remodelling the existing theoretical framework on how attitudes and their transfer into action are developed for the topic of organ donation.