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Self-regulated Learning

Constructivists’ frameworks and self-determination theory both highlight - with slightly different emphases - the relevance of students’ feeling of autonomy. Self-regulation is extremely important for the pupils’ learning processes. However, the term self-regulation can seem ambiguous. Weinert in particular stresses the learner’s ability to actively exert their influence, while Reinmann and Mandl do not clearly differentiate between self-regulated, self-organized, autonomous or self-determined learning, although they regard the degree to which a learner feels limited in their control as an important measuring criterion. Deci and Ryan, on the other hand, see the learners’ perceived feelings of autonomy as an important driving force for intrinsically and extrinsically motivated actions.

On the basis of these theories, we conduct studies during which we try to enhance students’ feelings of autonomy. For example, the pupils get the opportunity to vote for content and method prior to a lessons sequence, with courses then designed according to the wishes of the majority.