Biologiedidaktik - Zoologie und Humanbiologie
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We understand biology didactics to be the field of study concerned with the teaching and learning og biological topics, and biology specific competencies. The Baumert report (2007) requires biology didactics to develop into an empirical research field of teaching. The main tasks of our departement are, therefore, to do research in the filed of biology didactics, and to train prospective biology teachers.

One of our primary goals is to produce highly competent biology teachers. As such, our prospective biology teachers are taught essential methods and theories in biology didactics. These basics are paired early in training with supervised practical experience. As soon as the students begin with the more advanced parts of the degree (such as the project module, BSc-/BEd or the MEd- thesis), practical experience is connected with scientific research. In this setting, students gain further practical experience while learning to address pedagogical questions empirically. Our aim is to involve students in scientific research as early as possible. We give them the opportunity to become acquainted with empirical methods, and to participate in the department’s research. We regard the practical aspects of all our projects as highly important.