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Collaborative Research Centres

Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) are funded by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)" to establish interdisciplinary longer-term research collaborations. Programms need to have a high scientific merit, originality and complexity and have to be on an internationally competitive level. The Department of Biology is involved in:


Collaborative Research Centre SFB 613

"Physics of single molecule processes and molecular recognition in organic systems"

The research program of the SFB613 aims at a fundamental understanding of forces, structures, dynamics and architecture of single molecules and molecular assemblies. The detection of single molecules and their activity, the analysis of mechanisms governing specific molecular recognition, and the self organisation of small molecules to functional nano- and microstructures represent experimental systems of broad interest to physicists, chemists and biologist. Thus the program builds on strong interdisciplinary research projects.

Within the whole consortium, three collaborative projects with biologists and physicists aim at (i) elucidating the molecular mechanism of a regulatory oscillator in Arabidopsis thaliana by single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and --imaging, (ii) visualisation and quantitative analysis of assembly processes of plant V-type ATPase by fluorescence resonance energy transfer, and (iii) the localised stimulation of cell signals using magnetic nanoparticles.

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Contact Person/Representative:

Prof. Dr. Dario Anselmetti