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25.07.2020 iGEM India Biosummit 2020

Janina was the Chairperson in the Commitee 'Prevention of Biowarfare' in this year's iGEM India Biosummit. At the center of discussion where the topics Biosafety and Biosecurity with many questions focussing on Covid-19. Proposals were developed on how the education and sensitisation of research scientists could be improved internationally and at university level regarding these topics. Furthermore, suggestions were elaborated on how institutions could be established to standardize and improve risk assessment and risk minimization.

iGEM India Biosummit 2020

iGEM India Biosummit 2020


26.06.2020 Second Status Meeting of the Project "UPA" per zoom in Corona times.



19.06.2020 Congrats Christiane!

PhD exam Christiane Nöh.

Christiane Nöh

Christiane Nöh

Christiane Nöh


03.-05.03.2020 - Kick off meeting for our joint Beethoven Life project "UPA - U1 snRNP and polyadenlytion in plants - a novel liaison" with the Jarmołowski lab at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Jarmołowski Lab

Artur Jarmołowski



October 2019 - February 2020 Anna goes to London, Canada

Anna Spierling joins the lab of Jeremy Burton at the Lawson Health Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada, to work on Metformin and its influence on CaOx stone formation and life span of Drosophila melanogaster.

Burton Lab

Lawson HRI

Burton Lab


11. - 14. February 2020 Dorothee attends the 33th conference on Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen

Dabringhausen 2019

Foto: Pavlína Miklankova

Please find the full conference Report on the [German Society for Plant Sciences (DBG)] website.


September 2019 - July 2020 Chantal goes to Glasgow

Chantal Potrafke joins the lab of Hugh Nimmo and Allan Jones in Glasgow to work on plant circadian rhythms.

Chantal Potrafke

Chantal Potrafke


September 2019 - January 2020 Katharina and Rebekka go to Copenhagen

Katharina Grunert and Rebecca Wolf join the lab of Sebastian Marquardt at the Copenhagen Plant Science Center.



02.01.2020 Check out Marlene's Interview!

Read the interview on Universität Bielefeld Aktuell.


October-December 2019 Annika goes to Stockholm

Annika Wunsch joins the group of Professor Ralph Knöll at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, to work on cardiomyopathies.

Annika Wunsch

Karolinska Institute


13.12.2019 Congrats Kasia!

PhD exam Katarzyna Krowicka.

Katarzyna Krowicka

Katarzyna Krowicka


11.12.2019 Dr. Tom Laloum presents his work.

Dr. Tom Laloum, from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Lisbon, Portugal, concluded his second reasearch stay in our lab and presented his work 'Regulation of ABA-mediated stress responses by SR protein splicing factors in Arabidopsis'.

Tom Laloum

Tom Laloum


06.12.2019 Absolvententag 2019.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Dorothee guided the graduate students and their families trough the event.

Absolvententag 2019

Absolvententag 2019

Congrats, Katharina! Katharina was awarded the price of the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) for her master thesis 'Feasibility of CAM Engineering in C3 Plants'!

Absolvententag 2019


26.09.2019 Lisa-Marie Schmid visits our Lab.

Lisa-Marie Schmid, from 'Biozentrum der LMU München', Department Biologie I - Botanik, visited us and presented us her work 'PUMPKIN and its role in chloroplast RNA metabolism'.

Lisa-Marie Schmid

Lisa-Marie Schmid


25.09.2019 Dorothee attends the Fairwell Symposium of Prof. Renate Scheibe at the University of Osnabrück.

Renate Scheibe Farewell Symposium

Renate Scheibe Farewell Symposium

Photos: Renate Scheibe, Osnabrück


20.09.2019 Arantxa Rojas visits our Lab.

Arantxa Rojas, from the Palatnik Lab, Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Rosario, Argentina, visited us and presented us her work 'Identification of key sequence features required for microRNA biogenisis in plants'.

Extern Steine


13.09.2019 Belgian-Bielefeld Meeting: RBP Workshop 2019

Thanks to Frank Van Breusegem for the invitation to and Zhicheng Zhang for organizing the RBP Workshop 2019.
We learned a lot and hope to see you all soon!

Belgian-Bielefeld RBP Workshop 2019

Back row, left to right: Zhicheng Zhang, Frank Van Breusegem, Sam Balzarini, Mareike Elgner, Dorothee Staiger.
Front row, left to right: Xingliang Duan, Meixia Li, Koen Geuten, Tino Köster, Olga Schmidt, Marlene Reichel.


After the workshop, Kai Xun Chan and Su Yin Phua took us out for dinner. Afterwards we marveled at Gents beauty.

Belgian-Bielefeld RBP Workshop 2019Staiger Lab Gent 2019Gent 2019Gent 2019

Marlene, Mareike and Olga also stayed the weekend, travelling to Bruges...

Brügge 2019Brügge 2019Brügge 2019Brügge 2019Brügge 2019Brügge 2019

... and enjoyed the big finale of the OdeGand music festival in Gent.

Gent 2019Gent 2019


05.09.2019 Lab Excursion 2019 - Duisburg, Landschaftspark-Nord


Lab excursion 2019Lab excursion 2019Lab excursion 2019Lab excursion 2019Lab excursion 2019


08.08.2019 Never forget a Tradition!

We honoured our tradition and went to Lorenzos's for ice cream.

15.07.2019 Meixia Li visits our Lab.

Meixia Li, KU Leuven visited us and presented us her work 'The effect of ambient temperature on model plant Brachypodium distachyon and mRNA-bound proteomes in plants'.

Dinner Meixia Li


Big Celebration Time!

Congrats Marlene!

Marlene was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers.

Humboldt Fellowship Celebration


And congratulations, Mareike and Alex!

Their paper 'Regulation Of Flowering Time By The RNA-binding Proteins AtGRP7 And AtGRP8' was published.


Paper Celebration

02.-05.07.2019 SEB Seville 2019 - Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology, Spain.

Paula Duque, Maria Kalyna and John Brown organized a session on impact and function of alternative splicing in plants. As part of the session, Dorothee presented our work in her talk 'Ribonomics to unravel posttranscriptional networks in Arabidopsis'.

SEB Seville 2019

Dorothee at a panel discussion. From left to right: John Brown, Dorothee Staiger, Martin Crespi.

SEB Seville 2019

Martin Crespi and Dorothee having a lively conversation at dinner.

SEB Seville 2019

Dorothee, Craig Simspon and Allan James visit the Parasol. From left to right: Allan James, Dorothee Staiger, Craig Simpson.

28.06. - 30.06.2019 The Junior GBM City Group Bielefeld organizes this year´s Symposium of the Junior GBM

Click [here] to register for the Symposium.

Junior GBM City Group Bielefeld

Dorothee Staiger and Thomas Dierks, here with the Orga Team, serve as contact persons for the Bielefeld City Group. More information on the [Blog], on [twitter], and on [facebook].


11.-16.06.2019 Dorothee and Marlene attend the 24th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society in Krakow, Poland.

Krakow 2019RNA Society Krakow 2019RNA Society Krakow 2019

23.-25.5.2019 Wallenfelser Rundgespräche zur Pflanzenbiochemie

Dorothee attends Wallenfelser Rundgespräche and presents our work.

Wallenfels 2019

Photo: Wallenfels, Universität Bayreuth

22.05.2019 Labvolution 2019, Hannover

A few of us visited the Labvolution to keep up to date with innovative lab equipment and to listen to selected talks.

29.04.-03.05.2019 Seventh Brazilian Symposium on Plant Molecular Genetics, Campos do Jordão, São Paulo.


Dorothee and Maria Helena de Souza Goldman at the Seventh Brazilian Symposium on Plant Molecular Genetics.


The group of Maria Helena de Souza Goldman.


Throwback Tuesday: Scientific Weavers

Back in February, when Prof. Dr. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulinska visited us, her and Dorothee visited one of Bielefeld's landmarks, the 'Leineweberdenkmal', in the historic quarter of Bielefeld.

Leineweberdenkmal and ZofiaLeineweberdenkmal and Dorothee

18.-20.03.2019 Dorothee presents our work at Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants 2019 (PGRP2019), held at the Todaji Cultural Center in Nara, Japan.


Dorothee visiting the Sika deer at Nara Park with Haijing Jin and Martin Crespi.

October 2018-March 2019 Christiane goes to Fukuoka

Christiane Karasev joins Professor Tomonao Matsushita's lab at Kyushu University, faculty for agriculture, to work on phytochrome mediated RRC1-dependent alternative splicing in concert with RRIP.

Kyushu University

Faculty for Agriculture

October 2018-February 2019 Luisa goes to Copenhagen

Luisa Wittemeier joins Sebastian Marquardt's work group at Copenhagen's Plant Science Center to work on the effects of transcription speed on GRP7 and GRP8 expression in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Marquardt Lab Curling


18.-21.02.2019 Dorothee attends the 32th conference on Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen. As last years host and this years co-organizer, Dorothee gave the Farewell Lecture on 'The ups and downs and byways of circadian biology'.

Dabringhausen 2019

Dorothee at Dabringhausen 2019


October 2018-January 2019 Paulina goes to Barcelona

Paulina Lukomska joins Ignacio Rubio-Somoza's work group at the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), Spain, to work on Cas-induced gene silencing at RNA level in plants.

Paulina Lukomska


04.02.2019 Prof. Dr. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulinska from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, visits Bielefeld


Zofia Szweykowska-Kulinska


07.12.2018 Absolvententag

As dean Dorothee lead through the celebration of the faculty of biology. Congrats to all our students who successfully completed their thesis this year in our department.

Photo: Nina Hinkers




14.- 29.11.2018 UN Biodiversity Conference

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

Janina Lüders attended the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP14) in Egypt in 2018 as an After iGEM delegate, taking part in policy making with global influence. Together with Ana Sifuentes (iGEM Headquarter, USA), Justin Vigar (Canada), Aiswarya Prasad (India) and Nina Jerala (Slovenia) she was asked to speak at the side event “LMOs, Synbio and DSI: Experiences from farmers and young scientists” (LMO= Living modified organisms, DSI: Digital Sequence Information).

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

From left to right: Justin Vigar, Ana Sifuentes, Aiswarya Prasad, Janina Lüders, and Nina Jerala

Janina engaged with global policy makers, stakeholders, the scientific community, several NGOs and others to engage in the process of achieving the Aichi biodiversity targets, to develop the post-2020 biodiversity framework and to discuss the application and implementation of several frameworks in the scientific world, such as Nagoya and Cartagena protocol. She met with the German delegation to the Conference and discussed the impact on the national scientific community with them.

This great learning experience that truly was a life changing event highlighted the importance of human practices as well as networking and collaboration of all stakeholders in international policy and diplomacy. Janina is very grateful for this experience and opportunity to be one of the voices of young scientists at this event with great impact on global policy.

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

Last but not least, the perks of attending this conference hosted by the Egyptian Government in Sharm-El-Sheik came with the opportunity to enjoy the lovely scenery of Egypt!

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018

UN Biodiversity Conference 2018


24.-27.09.2018 Dorothee visits Paula Duque in Portugal

Dorothee visits Paula and her group at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Oeiras and enjoys lifely discussions with all the collaborators on their fascinating projects.

Dorothee Staiger


19.09.2018 Lab Excursion 2018 - Dr. Oetker


Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018Lab excursion 2018


07.09.2018 Congrats to Katja!

Katja wins Best Paper Prize in Plant Sciences 2018 awarded by the Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft for our iCLIP publication.

Katja Meyer

Tweet by Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft.

Notice by Bielefeld University.

Read the publication in Genome Biology.


01.08.2018 International Young Investigator Symposium Bielefeld

Dr. Marlene Reichel from the ETH Zürich visits Bielefeld.

Marlene Reichel


On July 19th, Dr. Rachel Green (Hebrew University) visits our group

18.07.2017 Congrats to Christine!

PhD exam Christine Nolte.

Christine NolteChristine NolteChristine Nolte


May 2018 Congrats to Laura!

Laura Arribas-Hernández was awareded an EMBO short term scholarship for a research stay in our lab.

Laura Arribas-Hernández


09.05.2018 Weather for ice cream!


Ice cream


03.-05.05.2018 Wallenfelser Rundgespräche zur Pflanzenbiochemie

Dorothee and Katja attend Wallenfelser Rundgespräche. Katja presents her work on RNA-protein interactions.


Photo: Universität Bayreuth


24.04.2018 Dr. Kathi Zarnack from the Goethe University Frankfurt visits Bielefeld


Kathi Zarnack


28.03.2018 Prof. Dr. John WS Brown from the James Hutton Institute, Dundee, visits Bielefeld


John Brown


14.-16.03.2018 III. International PP1530 Symposium: Genetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes and Applications for Crop Improvement

Dorothee and Mikael report on work on flowering time control in our group.


Photo: PP1530


07.03.2018 Frankfurter Allemeine Zeitung reports on MBP2018

The article highlights new developments to achieve transgene-free genome editing in crops, presented by Prof. Caixia Gao. The article also emphasizes the importance of non-coding RNAs and RNA-based regulation for plant performance.

Read the full article in the FAZ here.


23.02.2018 It was our pleasure to host the 31st conference Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen!



15.02.2018 We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 31st conference Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen next week!


Visit the conference webpage.


16.01.2018 Jun. Prof. Dr. Michaela Müller-McNicoll from the Goethe University Frankfurt visits Bielefeld


Michaela Müller-McNicoll


13.12.2017 Thanks to the research_tv team!

The research_tv team of Bielefeld University produced a feature on the circadian clock and our work.

research_tv 1reserach_tv 2

Photo: Bielefeld University



01.12.2017 Congrats to Nina!

Congratulations to Nina Kim Stoffel who was awarded the prize of the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) for her excellent Master's degree!

Nina Kim Stoffel

Photo: Bielefeld University/Ch. Weische


14.11.2017 Celebration of our recent publication on iCLIP in Genome Biology

iCLIP Paper

A recent article on our work in the Westfalen-Blatt.

Publication in Genome Biology.


18.-20.10.2017 Alexander von Humboldt Network Meeting Bielefeld

AvH fellows visit the Chair of RNA Biology and Molecular Physiology. Dorothee, Tino and Mikael organize a seminar where the fellows present their work and lead a guided tour through the growth facilites and the greenhouses.

AvH 1AvH 2AvH 3AvH 4AvH 5AvH 6


10.-14.10.2017 SFB 960 symposium

Dorothee attends symposium of SFB 960 The Biology of RNA-Protein Complexes in Regensburg and presents our work on iCLIP and RIP-seq.

SFB 960

Photo: SFB 960


October 2017-February 2018 Ilsa goes to Dundee

Ilsa Schneider joins Gordon Simpson's work group at the University of Dundee, Scotland, to work on mutants of the autonomous pathway and the m6A complex.

Ilsa Schneider


October 2017-February 2018 Sara visits Dundee

Sara Kobusch joins Prof. John Brown's research group at the James Hutton Institute, University of Dundee in Scotland, to examine the regulation of alternative splicing in cold response.

Sara Kobusch


October 2017-February 2018 Britta and Paul go to Bern

Britta Wenzel and Paul Kunath join Dr. Christoph Lippuner at the Inselspital Bern to work on miRNA regulated gene expression in the immune system.

Britta WenzelBritta Wenzel


October 2017-January 2018 Melina visits Uppsala

Melina Martin joins Per Jemth's research group at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology in Uppsala, Sweden, to work on structure-function relationships of proteins.

Melina MartinMelina Martin


October 2017-January 2018 Ramona works in Manchester

Ramona Reichelt joins the group of Dr. Miriam Smith at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital, University of Manchester, UK. She is involved in sequencing to identify mutations associated with tumours.

Ramona Reichelt


27.+28.09.2017 Tino and Katja attend IGC symposium

Tino and Katja attend the IGC Symposium on Plant RNA Biology in Oeiras (Portugal) and present their work on RNA-protein interactions.


Photo: SFB 960


18.07.2017 Congrats to Katja!

PhD exam Katja Meyer.

Katja MeyerKatja Meyer


20.-23.06.2017 Dorothee, Alex and Mikael attend the International Workshop on Genome Engineering and Epigenetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes at the IPK in Gatersleben

Alex and Mikael present their work on flowering time control on the 6th annual consortium meeting of the DFG Priority Program Flowering Time Control - From Natural Variation to Crop Improvement.

IPK 2017


Congratulations to Kasia!

Kasia was awarded the Helmut-Skowronek-Stipendium for Polish PhD students at Bielefeld University.

Kasia 2017


18.-20.05.2017 Wallenfelser Rundgespräche zur Pflanzenbiochemie

Dorothee attends Wallenfelser Rundgespräche.

Wallenfels 2017


17.05.2017 Lab Excursion 2017 - Labvolution


Excursion 1Excursion 2Excursion 3


21.04.2017 Masterpieces of our highly motivated bachelor students!


Spezialmodul 2017


23.03.2017 Farewell Dinner with Julieta


Farewell JulietaFarewell Julieta


21.-24.02.2017 Dorothee, Katja and Martin attend 30th conference on Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen

Katja presents her work on RNA-protein interactions.

Dabringhausen 2017

Participants of the 30th conference in Dabringhausen.


Reinhold von Sengbusch Awards for the best posters and talks of the conference.


A warm welcome to Dr. Julieta Mateos, Fundación Instituto Leloir, Alexander-von-Humboldt fellow in February/March 2017!


Julieta Mateos


02.12.2016 Congratulations to Janina!

Janina Lüders who was awarded the price of the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) for the best Master degree in Molecular Cell Biology.

Janina GBM


November 2016 A warm welcome to Natalie!

Visiting scientist Natalie Williams from UC Riverside (California, USA) joins the lab to study the SRR1 protein together with Mikael.

Natalie Williams


October 2016 – March 2017 Paul visits Bern

Paul Kunath joins the lab of Dr. Christoph Lippuner at the Inselspital in Berne.

Paul Kunath


October 2016 – January 2017 Nina goes to Poznan

Nina Härting joins the lab of Prof. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulińska at AMU, Poznan, to work with Dr. Jakub Donata.

Nina Härting


October 2016 – February 2017 Peter works in Glasgow

Peter Hombach joins the lab of Prof. Dr. John Christie, Institute of Molecular Cell and Systems Biology of the University of Glasgow, to work on photobiology and optogenetics.

Peter Hombach


October 2016 – March 2017 Cassandra visits Stockholm

Cassandra Cieslak joins the lab of Prof. Dr. Hendrik Druid at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, to work in forensic medicine.

Cassandra Cieslak


October 2016 – March 2017 Nina goes to Knoxville

Nina Pfisterer joins the lab of Prof. Frank Löffler, University of Tennessee.

Nina Pfisterer


October 2016 – March 2017 Louisa works in San Diego

Louisa Habich joins the lab of Prof. Stephan Lange, School of Cardiovascular Medicine, UCSD.

Louisa HabichLouisa Habich


Olga's (and Mareike's) Bachelor and Janina's Master was celebrated with a Cell...fie


Cell Cake


28.-30.09.2016 4. Post-EURASNET Meeting in Poznan

Dorothee presents work on posttranscriptional control in Arabidopsis.



16.09.2016 Lab Excursion 2016 - Hermannsdenkmal


Ausflug 2016


August 2016 Ice cream


Ice cream 2016


18.01.2016 Prof. Dr. Rob McClung from Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH visits Bielefeld

Rob McClung gives an expert talk on Biological timing - wie die innere Uhr unser Leben steuert (ekVV 205078).

Rob McClung


15.12.2015 Christmas Party


Christmas Party 2015


November 2015 – February 2016 Marius goes to Portugal

Marius Brechtenkamp joins the lab of Dr. Paula Duque at the Insituto Gulbenkian to work on splicing factors in Arabidopsis thaliana .

Marius Brechtenkamp


November 2015 – February 2016 Mareike visits Paris

Mareike Busche joins the lab of Prof. Martin Crespi at the Université Paris Sud to work on microRNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana roots.

Mareike Busche


November 2015 – March 2016 Dilek works in Manchester

Dilek Batur joins the lab of Dr. Christian Heintzen and Dr. Sue Crosthwaite at Manchester University to work on circadian rhythms in Neurospora crassa .

Dilek Batur


October 2015 – February 2016 Olga goes to Dundee

Olga Schmidt joins the lab of Prof. Gordon Simpson at the James Hutton Institute to work on RNA-based regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana .

Olga Schmidt


27.07.2015 Farewell Dinner with Tejasvinee


Farewell Tejasvinee


10.+11.07.2015 Katja and Dorothee attend Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene Expression in Plants Conference in Paris, France.


PTGR ParisPTGR Paris


July 2015 Ice cream


Ice cream 2015


A warm welcome to Tejasvinee!

DAAD scholar Tejasvinee Mody (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali) joins the lab for a research project.

Tejasvinee Mody


06.02.2015 Congrats to Alex!

PhD exam Alexander Steffen.

Disputation AlexDisputation Alex


18.12.2014 Congratulations to Tino!

PhD exam Tino Köster.

Disputation TinoDisputation Tino


November 2014 – March 2015 Janis and Natalie visit Manchester

Janis Miyanji and Natalie Kobi join the lab of Dr. Christian Heintzen at Manchester University to work on circadian rhythms in Neurospora crassa .

Janis and Natalie


October 2014 – March 2015 Tim works in Knoxville

Tim Lohoff joins the lab of Albrecht von Arnim to work on translational control and circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis thaliana .

Tim Lohoff


Lab Excursion 2014 - Freilichtmuseum Detmold


Lab excursion 2014Lab excursion 2014


Stefan Lichtenberger (FH Krems) joins the lab for a research project


Stefan Lichtenberger


30.06. - 02.07.2014 Katja and Dorothee present the work of the group at the Post-transcriptional Gene Expression Regulation in Plants Conference in Poznan, Poland


PTGR 2014


06.02.2015 Congrats to Christian!

PhD exam Christian Hackmann.

Disputation Christian HackmannDisputation Christian Hackmann


June 2014 Ice cream


Ice cream 2014


II. International Symposium: Genetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes and Applications for Crop Improvement

Symposium held at Bielefeld University March 24-26 2014. Local organizing committee: Dorothee Staiger, Daniela Holtgräwe, Selahattin Danisman.


12.-14.07.2013 Tino Köster and Katja Meyer attend RNA-Meeting in Wittenberg, organized by Christian Hammann, Bremen, and Dorothee Staiger, Bielefeld


Poster TinoPoster KatjaPoster Meeting


Tunde Nyiko from Daniel Silhavy's lab visited the clocklab to do experiments with Tino


Tunde Nyiko


17.10.2012 The Clocklab presents research activities on Biological timing in plants to the public during the ScienceCafe

The ScienceCafe was organized by Johanna Leuner, Patrick Piecha (Bielefeld Stadtmarketing) and Martin Knabenreich (Radio Bielefeld).

SC 1SC 2SC 3SC 4SC 5SC 6SC 7SC 8SC 9SC 10SC 11SC 12SC 13SC 14


04.-06.10.2012 Meeting of the GBM study group RNA Biochemistry

Congratulations to Martina for winning the poster prize!

NAR Awards 2012

Poster Martina


21.09.2012 The clocklab welcomes a delegation from Yokohama City University

Prof Shinsuke Kutsuna and eleven graduates students were visiting research institutions in Northern Germany including the 'Forschungszentrum Jülich' and Bielefeld University. Prof. Kutsuna has made significant contributions to the field of circadian rhythms, the main reserach topic also in our lab. The students had a tour through the lab and discussed their projects with students from Bielefeld University.


18.05.2012 Fascination of plants day



29. Wallenfelser Rundgespräche zur Pflanzenbiochemie May 2012

Christin Korneli presents her work.

Wallenfels 2012


13.04.2012 Congratulations to Christin!

PhD exam Christin Korneli.

Disputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin KorneliDisputation Christin Korneli


22.12.2011 Congratulations to Kornelia!

PhD exam Kornelia Voß.

Disputation Kornelia VoßDisputation Kornelia Voß


19.12.2011 Congrats to Sela!

PhD defense Selahattin Danisman.

PhD defense Selahattin Danisman


28. Wallenfelser Rundgespräch zur Pflanzenbiochemie Mai 2011

Martina Lummer presents her work.

Wallenfels 2011


Lab excursion 2011 - Zoo Osnabrück


Zoo OsnabrückZoo OsnabrückZoo OsnabrückZoo OsnabrückZoo Osnabrück


The group 2011


Group 2011


The clocklab welcomes Oana Ciuzan from USAMV Klausenburg, Rumaenia. She is a stipend of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.


Oana Ciuzan


Lab excursion 2010 - Velmerstot, Silbermühle




Congrats to Martina!

PhD exam Martina Lummer.

Disputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina LummerDisputation Martina Lummer


February - April 2010: Research stay of Christin Korneli in the Alfano lab, Nebraska University, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


Christin KorneliChristin Korneli


The group 2009


Group 2009


Visit of Prof. Jim Alfano 2009 - Olderdissen


Jim AlfanoJim Alfano


Lab excursion 2009 - Bad Salzuflen


Lab excursion 2009Lab excursion 2009Lab excursion 2009Lab excursion 2009Lab excursion 2009Lab excursion 2009


20. International Arabidopsis Conference - Edinburgh 2009


ICAR 2009ICAR 2009ICAR 2009


Sommerfest 2009


Sommerfest 2009Sommerfest 2009Sommerfest 2009Sommerfest 2009


Renzo's famous ice cream


Ice creamIce cream


Poster prize Corinna Streitner - Dabringhausen 2009


Dabringhausen 2009


Lab excursion 2008


Lab excursion 2008


Christmas 2008 - Feuerzangenbowle


Christmas 2008


17.10.2008 PhD exam Daniel Pietsch


Disputation Daniel PeitschDisputation Daniel PeitschDisputation Daniel PeitschDisputation Daniel Peitsch


Poster session 2008 at CeBiTec



07.02.2008 PhD exam Corinna Streitner


Disputation Corinna StreitnerDisputation Corinna Streitner


17.10.2008 PhD exam Jan Schöning


Disputation Jan SchöningDisputation Jan SchöningDisputation Jan SchöningDisputation Jan SchöningDisputation Jan Schöning


Lab excursion 2007 - Hücker Moor


Lab excursion 2007Lab excursion 2007Lab excursion 2007Lab excursion 2007Lab excursion 2007


Gordon Research Conference on Chronobiology - Aussois 2007


Aussois 2007


Lab excursion 2006 - Zoo Hannover


Lab excursion 2006Lab excursion 2006


Lab excursion 2005 - Oerlinghausen


Lab excursion 2005Lab excursion 2005Lab excursion 2005Lab excursion 2005Lab excursion 2005


The group 2005


Group 2005


Verabschiedung von Frau Prof. Pistorius 2004




Lab excursion 2003 - Bückeburg castle


Lab excursion 2003


Student course 2003


Student course 2003